For anyone who hasn’t seen Geordie Shore before the show can be a bit of a shock. It takes reality TV to a whole new level as a group of Newcastle 20-somethings drown themselves in alcohol and tear up the toon all in a bid to create entertaining TV.

We’ll take our hats off to them, it works. If you never thought throwing up on your kebab, urinating in the lounge or getting it on while other people are in the same bedroom as you were a thing, you can think again.

Geordie Shore continues for a twentieth season on MTV, but for those radgies who have had enough of the town, there’s a brand new show for them, too.

Let’s meet the four members of the Geordie OGs cast who have swapped neckin’ on for getting knocked up by the looks of things!
Screen Shot: Geordie OGs Marnie MTV

Marnie Simpson

While Marnie introduced herself on Geordie Shore as “a natural beauty”, she’s had a fair bit of work done since then.

And it looks like more than just her physical appearance has changed as Marnie is expecting a baby in October 2019. She nows lives in Bedfordshire.

The 27-year-old is in a relationship with X Factor singer Casey Cody. She has 3.5 million followers on Instagram and lists herself as a ‘multiple business owner’, running Hair Bible – a synthetic hair and wig range – and Jersey Girl clothing store.

Marnie’s other half runs Vegan Allsorts – a range of vegan Pick n Mix sweets.

Aaron Chalmers

Another member of the Geordie OGs cast is Aaron Chalmers.

It looks as though Aaron has swapped nights on the toon for nights in front of the telly as he’s now a dad.

Aaron is a stepdad to his girlfriend – Talia Oatway’s – daughter.

Since leaving Geordie Shore Aaron said that overcoming anxiety and going back into MMA fighting were his biggest achievements.

He cited Talia as his ‘rock’ and said that life after Geordie Shore was a huge shock as he went from drinking every day to training every day.
Screen Shot: Geordie OGs Aaron MTV

Holly Hagan

An OG who has been there since the very beginning is Holly Hagan.

The 27-year-old is engaged to Jacob Blyth. He’s a professional footballer who plays for Macclesfield Town F.C.

Holly was one of the most outrageous radgies to ever grace our screens. She introduced herself as the one who is: “fun, flirty and has double F’s”. Today she’s toned things down a bit and runs her own makeup business – Pretty Little Palettes.
Screen Shot: Geordie OGs cast Holly MTV

Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle

Gaz said that being a good dad is his biggest achievement since leaving Geordie Shore.

He’s in a relationship with Emma McVey. The pair live in Leeds and he added that his other half isn’t into the fame side of things.

Now 31, Gary spent all of his 20’s on Geordie Shore, joining the show at 21-years-old.

He has a son named Chester who was born in January 2018 and is expecting his second child in 2020.
Screen Shot: Geordie OGs cast Gaz MTV



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