MTV’s Geordie Shore is back with a bang and already season 19 has romance on the cards for two new housemates.

Bethan Kershaw and Beau Brennan immediately hit it off and their flirtation has been at the heart of the first three episodes.

And it seemed like they’d taken their relationship to the next level outside the Geordie Shore house and were ‘Instagram official’, but for a very short period of time…

Here’s what you need to know about the couple and whether they’re still together.

Pictured: Bethan Kershaw, Geordie Shore S19 E4.

Beau and Bethan: relationship overview

When the two newbies entered the Geordie Shore house, they were instantly attracted to one another.

Beau got into hot water with Bethan when he kissed both Tahlia Chung and Abbie Holborn in episode 2 (Tuesday, April 16th).

But he made amends and proved to her that he wanted to “crack on” with her and her alone the third episode.

By episode 4 (Tuesday, April 30th) Bethan’s best mate Chloe Ferry saw things were getting serious between the two:

He’s literally all over you. You and him are more all over each other than what me and Sam used to be when we first got together.

Geordie Shore S19 E3.

Flirting on Instagram

Instagram is a notorious spot to flirt with a potential bae… It’s where sliding into DM’s began!

But these two have not been private with their online flirtations.

Numerous comments on each other’s pictures suggested that these two are more than just friends. The comments tend to include lots of heart-eyed emojis so it would seem there is a lot of love going around!

Check out these two snaps and the naughty comments Bethan and Beau have been leaving for each other…


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Fuck excuses! You either want it or you don’t!

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So are Bethan and Beau dating?

After Bethan shared to Instagram a picture of her and Beau’s “date night” at the cinema, it would seem the couple are officially dating outside of the Geordie Shore house.

It is unconfirmed whether they got together officially during the filming or after, but their relationship is definitely going to be one of the major plot points of Geordie Shore season 19.

Screenshot: Instagram

Bethan and Beau: The rocky road to romance

On Monday, May 6th Bethan and Beau had unfollowed each other on Instagram suggesting things had quickly gone south between the two.

She then shared posts to Instagram suggesting it had been Beau who had led the relationship astray… and sharing gorgeous snaps to Insta with captions such as ‘No you will never meet anyone like me’.

But the couple looks back on track as of Friday, May 10th and were incredibly loved up at best pal Chloe Ferry’s store launch.

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Yes I wore a crown. Yes I was a princess. No you will never meet anyone like me 💅🏼

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