Does Nat from Geordie Shore have a girlfriend? Relationships explored

When Nat Phillips entered the Geordie Shore house in 2019, she instantly made an impression for being one of the most reliable, trust-worthy housemates.

She was the go-to for relationship advice, a shoulder to cry on and the person to make sure everyone had a good night. A lot of this trustworthiness came from the fact that Nat was in a happy and stable relationship with her girlfriend Abi. Nat had a wealth of relationship experience to draw on!

Nat’s relationship with her girlfriend Abi was discussed heavily in Geordie Shore season 19. Abi even appeared on the show in some episodes. But they have since split and Nat has been in another relationship.

But does Nat now have a new girlfriend? Find out about the Geordie Shore star’s love life here.

Geordie Shore S19 E1.

Who was Nat’s girlfriend Abi?

Nat’s relationship with a girl named Abi Newton was a focus of last season. The couple had been together for just over a year while they were filming season 19.

They were smitten with each other and being in the house was a struggle for Nat. She often spoke about how much she was missing Abi on the series.

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When filming began for the new season, the couple were very much still an item. Abi did not feature as much as the couple’s relationship hit the rocks.

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Abi and Nat: The break up

It is unconfirmed when the pair officially split, but Nat hasn’t posted a picture of the couple together since March 7th, 2019 and they have both unfollowed each other. The last time Abi posted a picture of the couple was on August 9th, so we guess the break up must have happened last summer.

But Nat has been quick to share snaps of her out on the town with other girls, so she was definitely moving on quickly.

Does Nat have a new girlfriend?

In October 2019, Nat started up a new relationship with a woman named Carly-Jo Naylor. From Carly-Jo’s Instagram – @carlyjonaylor – we can see that she is a dancer and model.

Nat posted a picture of the two together on Instagram for the first time on October 20th, 2019.

Carly-Jo posted a picture of herself on the same day and Nat commented “I would” with the heart-eye emoji. So, these two clearly aren’t worried about a little bit of PDA!

But it’s clear that they have since broken up and Nat is single once again. Their couple pictures have been deleted and they both are clearly living the single life.





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