Geordie Shore OGs season 2: Start date and cast confirmed!

In 2019 MTV launched their first-ever Geordie Shore OGs series.

Featuring a handful of the original and most iconic Geordie cast members, the spin-off series caught up with the beloved TV personalities of the North and captured how their lifestyles had changed.

Swapping sambuca shots for nappies and late nights on the Toon for early morning walks, Geordie Shore OGs is an eye-opening series that provides fans of the traditional show with whole new levels of entertainment.

Season 2 has now been confirmed with another Geordie Shore cast member popping on their slippers and joining the crew for life in the not-so-fast lane.

Screenshot: Geordie Shore S20 titles – MTV

Geordie Shore OGs season 2: Start date

The brand new season of Geordie Shore OGs launches on Wednesday, February 26th.

It airs on MTV at 9 pm and continues every Wednesday night in the same timeslot. The series should air for around six episodes.

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Geordie Shore OGs 2020 cast – Sophie Kasaei joins the gang!

Original Geordie Shore superstars Gary Beadle, Holly Hagan, Aaron Chalmers and Marnie Simpson will be back for series 2, attempting to at least look like they’ve matured since G Shore first launched in 2011.

However, also joining the OGs family for 2020 is Geordie royalty Sophie Kasaei. While Soph’s fellow castmates are all settling down – fetting engaged and having babies – Sophie is once again on the singles market.

The soon-to-be 30-year-old recently broke up with her partner Jay Bigz and is hoping a reunion with her loveable Toon chums will help combat heartbreak and push her into new solo business ventures.

Sophie Kasaei.

Gaz Beadle, Aaron Chalmers, Holly Hagan and Marnie Simpson

Aaron Chalmers makes an immediate impact in the series by announcing that girlfriend Talia Oatway is pregnant in episode 1.

However, things start to get real for Aaron when he realises that juggling a professional fighting career with a pregnant girlfriend is trickier than first thought.

Cameras will also catch up with Gaz Beadle, who prefers to be called Mr Beadle nowadays given his Gaz-the-dad status and lifestyle with two children under the age of two. Girlfriend Emma will be a strong part of the show as the pair showcase how to embrace family life at its peak.

Holly Hagan recently became engaged to professional footballer fiancé Jacob Blyth, where they’ve moved away from the Geordie party scene and into a dream house.

Focus is on planning the ultimate engagement party of her dreams including everything from real unicorns to throwback fun and games – Geordie style!

Finally, Marnie Simpson will welcome a new Geordie into the world as she prepares to give birth and take her first step into motherhood.




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