Geordie Shore's Sophie explains Jay Bigz split - OGs episode 2 heartbreak
Screenshot: Geordie OGs S2 E2 - MTV

Geordie Shore's Sophie explains Jay Bigz split - OGs episode 2 heartbreak

Reality TV stars tend to have their relationships blasted all over the media; be it in the press, on our social media feeds, or even documented on the telly. So when a relationship breaks down, that can be doubly hard to deal with.

This year has seen Geordie Shore star Sophie Kasaei candidly open up about her heartbreak, after her relationship with Jay Bigz ended in 2019.

Sophie’s relationship status has been the talk of the toon thanks to her appearance on MTV’s Ex on the Beach this year and as she joined the cast of Geordie OGs.

So, who is Jay Bigz? Why did he break up with the Geordie Shore star?

Pictured: Sophie and Jay, Geordie Shore S19 E1.

Who is Jay Bigz?

Not much was known about Jay from Geordie Shore as Sophie kept many details about her new beau hush-hush.

Jay is originally from Birmingham and from his Instagram bio, we can see that he works in “Travel & Fitness.” He is the director of GI BUILD and co-director of TJ interiors.

Jay appeared in a couple of episodes of Geordie Shore series 19, however clearly wasn’t all about that reality TV life. In fact, Sophie quits the MTV series so she could focus on their relationship. Sadly, Jay ended things just two months after Sophie made the decision to leave her Geordie housemates.

But Jay’s association with the major reality series has earned him his stripes as a reality star. Now he has over 56,700 followers on Instagram, despite the fact his account is private. Even Love Island’s Shaughna Phillips follows him!

Check out Jay @jaybigzy.

What did Sophie say about Jay?

In episode 2 (Wednesday, March 4th) of Geordie OGs, Sophie went into details on her breakup. She told best friend Charlotte Dawson:

I’m worried I’m not going to find anyone. It’s just hard because I need to be honest with myself and I just feel like I’m not over it. My friends are like, “Are you over him?” and I’m like “Yeah, I’m over him.” I’ll try to move on and stuff but I just think about him all the time.

In tears, Sophie said in her confessional-style interview with the MTV cameras: “I still to this day think about Jay everyday. I had it all: I had the relationship, I had the love, I was ready to settle down, I was about to get the ring on my finger. And why did it end one day?”

Screenshot: Geordie OGs S2 E2 – MTV

Is Sophie still single?

As Ex on the Beach and Geordie OGs were filmed a couple of months back, many are wondering if Sophie is still single. From the looks of her Instagram, Sophie’s just focussing on her work at the moment.

Getting over a heartbreak takes time and it looks like Sophie is not quite there yet.

There are little updates on Jay Bigz’s relationship status, however we take it he is still single also.




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