Has Geordie Shore finished for season 19? Will there be a season 20?

Has Geordie Shore finished for season 19? Will there be a season 20?

It’s hard to believe that Geordie Shore has been going for nineteen series strong. It seems only yesterday the Jersey Shore spinoff spun onto our screens and shocked the nation with the cast members’ wild antics.

But since then it’s become a lot more than just partying, boozing and ‘necking on’, as we’ve come to know and love the stars of the show.

But season 19 has been one of the most dramatic in terms of cast changes and newbie drama and so fans are wondering whether it will continue.

So, has Geordie Shore finished for season 19 and what will happen next?

Geordie Shore S19 E1.

Has Geordie Shore season 19 finished?

Geordie Shore season 19 finished on Tuesday, June 11th, where the Geordie Shore family conclude the series by bidding farewell to the house.

The show aired every Tuesday from Tuesday, April 9th at 10 pm.

This season was made up of ten episodes, which is about average for the series as filming takes place over the course of a couple of months.

Geordie Shore S19 E1.

Will there be a Geordie Shore season 20?

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but as always the seasons just tend to roll on filming one after another we would expect a season 20.

In the final episode (Tuesday, June 11th), Nathan Henry said: “If Anna doesn’t bring Beau back she’s a f*cking idiot and I will leave the house and search for him”.

Chloe Ferry also said she would not be returning to the show, making us think that filming for the new season is already in motion.

Geordie Shore season 20: Start date

The start dates are inconsistent each year as the amount of series per year fluctuates.

In 2018 there were three seasons of Geordie Shore, starting in January, May and then October. Before that in 2017, there were just two, starting in March and then August.

If we are to expect a season 20 of Geordie Shore, we would imagine the schedule to be similar to that of 2017, with a new series coming our way around September 2019.

But with many of the cast having departed as regulars in season 18 and 19, it looks like the new season is set to be something entirely different.

Bethan enters the Geordie Shore house, S19 E1.

We will keep this page updated with any new information about Geordie Shore season 20.



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