Geordie Shore is back on MTV this October for its twentieth season!

The hit reality series has been entertaining audiences for over eight years now with faces coming and going from our screens. But while the main cast has changed over the years, the new Geordie lot are still as radge as ever and season 20 looks like it’s going to be a belter.

As the cast are massively in the public eye, their rocket to wealth and fortune has been visible for all to see.

So, how much do the Geordie Shore cast get paid? How much money do the stars earn?

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How much do the cast get paid?

Exact details of how much the stars of Geordie Shore earn from appearing on the show is not public knowledge but we’re guessing its a pretty big sum!

When former cast member Gary “Gaz” Beadle first was on the series, he spoke to Heat Magazine about how he was earning big bucks. He said: “I do around four PAs a week, six if the series is on. They’ll pay me about £2,000 a time.” Gaz continued that he was earning between £40,000 and £45,000 per week!

Considering these numbers, that means Gary would have been earning between £28k and £33k from appearing on Geordie Shore, each week. We think that the figures are slightly less than this, considering that the show has dipped in popularity since the OGs left the show.

With those figures in mind, the Geordie Shore stars could roughly be making around £150,000 per season as they film the series over the course of around five weeks.

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Making more money

In August 2019, Gaz revealed that financially, the show was not his best source of income and that the stars could make their money elsewhere.

He told Daily Star Sunday: “I can make more money from one house than I would with a year of TV work.”

Gary now develops properties rather than focusses on a media career, unlike some of his fellow Geordie co-stars such as Vicky Pattison and Charlotte Crosby who remain very much in the public eye.

Considering that he was making £45,000 per week previously we don’t even want to think how much that means he’s making now!

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How do the stars make their money?

The Geordie Shore cast make their millions not from appearing on the reality series, but all of the promotional opportunities that come from their TV appearances.

This is much in the same way that the Love Island contestants make their money. And it all boils down to Instagram.

In 2017, The Tab reported that Geordie Shore stars could be earning up to £261,000 per week just from sponsored Instagram posts.

Not only is Instagram a keen source of income but it has allowed the stars to promote their own brands. Pretty much every single member (and former member) of the Geordie Shore cast has their own brand. From fitness empires, beauty salons, gyms to designer doggy wear, they really have covered all bases.

If they are making tens of thousands from the show and plenty more from these sponsorships, no wonder some of the cast members are now millionaires!



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