We’re only two episodes into Geordie Shore series 19 and it’s already proved itself to be one of the most explosive seasons in years!

Episode 2 (Tuesday, April 16th) saw a familiar face return to cheer up some of the regular cast members, particularly besties Nathan Henry and Sophie Kasaei.

But this surprise did not end happily!

Here’s everything you need to know about the fight that kicked off involving Abbie Holborn and whether this was what got her fired from the show…

Abbie Holborn, S19.

Why did Abbie appear in episode 2?

After being absent from the first episode of series 19 and not being featured in the opening credits, fans of the show though Abbie was definitely not returning.

However, she made a special appearance on a night out to cheer up best pals Nathan and Sophie!

But this night out ended up in disaster after Abbie’s cheeky neck-on with Beau Brennan caused a major fight to break out between the housemates.

Beau and Abbie, S19 E2.

The big fight!

In anticipation of episode 2’s broadcast, Nathan and Abbie were Tweeting about the “trouble” that ensues.

Not only did Abbie’s kiss with Beau upset Bethan, but caused a massive argument to break out between Chloe Ferry and Nathan Henry.

It also involved tears and a drink being swilled, so you could say it was a rather eventful episode!

Bethan reacts to Abbie and Beau’s kiss.
Natalie helping Abbie after Chloe swilled her and Beau.

What happened after?

Well, a sad and confused Abbie left to head home after her dramatic evening and did not return to the Geordie Shore house with the other cast mates.

But the drama did not stop there and quickly a massive fight broke out again, but this time between Nathan and Chloe.

The two are no strangers to the drama, but this looked like one of their most random and out-of-the-blue fights ever!

Chloe and Nathan arguing, S19 E2.


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