Seven ex-Geordie Shore cast mates who need to be on the 2019 reunion show!

Geordie Shore reunion spinoff is a go!

Fans of the show are still reeling from the news that MTV has greenlit a reunion spinoff with some of the old cast members, as many have been disappointed in the show’s direction since it distanced itself from the OG cast.

But just who will be on the spinoff, which has the witty title Geordie More?

Read on to find out our pick of all the ex-Geordie Shore cast to be on the 2019 reunion spinoff and just who has made the cut so far…

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What is Geordie More?

The Geordie Shore spinoff, Geordie More, will follow the lives of those ex-cast mates as they navigate their way through adulthood.

Craig Orr, the commissioning and development VP at MTV International, has said:

We’re really excited to reunite viewers with some of the most influential and most loved cast members.

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There will be six episodes in total in the first series, following some of the beloved cast members. And here is who we think should – or has already confirmed – appear in the show…

Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle

You can’t avoid Geordie Shore without mentioning Gary. Gary, Gaz, ‘the parsnip’, whatever you want to call him, this guy is a Geordie Shore legend and so has to be on the spinoff!

He quit the show in 2016 after his girlfriend Emma McVey fell pregnant. The couple now have an adorable son called Chester, who we’re sure will be the star of the show.

But we’re sure fans of Geordie Shore will still miss the days of Gary’s courtship of Charlotte Crosby and will find it a teeney bit strange seeing this party boy settled down.

Marnie Simpson

Another ex-Geordie Shore star (and parent-to-be) confirmed for the show is Marnie!

Famous for both her beguiling looks and temper tantrums, Marnie left the show after settling down with boyfriend Casey Johnson and the couple are expecting the birth of their son later this year.

Some of her former castmates were at her gender reveal party and Marnie has said MTV filmed the event, so here’s hoping we get to see this all on our screens soon!

But we wonder how the reunion will go with confirmed castmate and ex-boyfriend Aaron Chalmers…

Aaron Chalmers

Sorry Marnie! It looks like Aaron is heading for the reunion show as well as he’s been seen filming with Gary Beadle.

After joining the show in season 8, he left in season 16 to pursue his mixed martial arts career and take a step back from the partying lifestyle.

Aaron is currently settled with girlfriend Talia Oatway and her daughter Siennah.

Holly Hagan

Holly joined the show way back in 2011 in the first series. But since she has been an on-off cast member, even making guest appearances in the most recent series. She has, however, definitely confirmed her appearance in the spinoff.

Not much has been documented about Holly’s life on the show, so we’d love to catch up with her and her new footballer boyfriend, Jacob Blyth.

Kyle Christie

And speaking of Holly, we’d also love to know how her ex-boyfriend and housemate Kyle Christie is doing!

Kyle left the Geordie Shore house after his relationship with Holly turned sour back in season 11.

Although he returned for the Big Birthday Bash special season and remained until season 13, he’s been largely off the grid.

Scotty T

Another Geordie Shore legend who was the only housemate to rival Gaz as the one who caused most drama with their female housemates is Scotty ‘Turbo’ T!

Although he appears as the ‘Boss’ of the Geordie bunch in the most recent season, not much has been documented about his life on the show since he left full-time.

This is largely as Scott was checked into rehab for his drug use while filming Geordie Shore, which saw him initially fired from the show permanently.

Vicky Pattinson

The ultimate reunion would feature queen of the Geordie Shore house Vicky Pattinson.

Although this is pure fantasy, as Vicky left the house way back in season 9 and has since said she had regrets about appearing on the show, we would love to see fiesty Vicky return to the family.

And in particular, a Charlotte and Vicky reunion for fans of the original series!



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