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What happened to Geordie Shore’s Abbie Holborn? Did she quit or was she sacked from series 19?

Geordie Shore series 19 kicked off on Tuesday, April 9th and it’s already proving to be one of the most explosive seasons yet.

The regular cast has been shaken up by the addition of four new Geordies.

But it has also been shaken by some of the regular cast members being dropped from the show.

So what happened to Abbie Holborn and did she leave the Geordie Shore family?

Abbie Holborn and Nathan Henry.

Who is Abbie Holborn?

Abbie Holborn joined the Geordie Shore cast back in series 14.

The 21-year-old has quickly become a fan favourite over the past two years because of her no-nonsense attitude and fun-loving spirit.

Even her ‘nana’ has become a beloved recurring guest on the show, being the wildest one at all of the Geordie house parties!

Pictured (L-R) Nana and Abbie in Geordie Shore S18 E10.

Has Abbie Holborn left Geordie Shore?

Fans presumed Abbie would not be returning, as she didn’t feature in the first episode of series 19, nor the opening credits.

She even removed ‘Geordie Shore’ from her Instagram bio and now it just says ‘MTV’.

However, after Abbie’s surprise appearance in episode 2, it would seem she’s still up for featuring in some of the series! But maybe not after the drama that came from her return…

Beau and Abbie, S19 E2.

Did Abbie quit Geordie Shore?

We knew that Abbie was on the chopping block for series 19 even before the show had started because of this Tweet.

This left fans of the show reeling, as she was a clear favourite and a great female addition after Marnie Simpson left.

But after the fight in episode 2 which revolved around Abbie kissing newbie Beau Brennan, some have speculated this was the reason she did not return to the house.

Abbie said in the episode:

As much as I would love to go back to the house with the others, I’ve caused enough drama for one night.

What is Abbie doing now?

It seems that Abbie is switching up the Geordie Shore partying lifestyle and throwing herself into work.

Recently, she was papped on her way to a ShopFestGirl photoshoot in Manchester, with fellow ex-Geordie housemate Zahida Allen.

Abbie’s ties to MTV are still strong, so could this lead to another cast member spinoff, such as Charlotte Crosby’s The Charlotte Show and Just Tattoo Of Us?

Hopefully, we’ll still have more Abbie Holborn in our lives!



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