Why did Sophie Kasaei quit Geordie Shore? Everything you need to know about her departure

Fans of the hit MTV show Geordie Shore are used to seeing castmates come and go.

Since season 1, the cast has changed so many times and Sophie Kasaei is currently the only original regular from the first series, with many of the old-favourites appearing on a part-time basis.

So when Sophie made her return to being a regular in 2016, she quickly became an integral housemate.

Here’s everything you need to know about Sophie’s departure from the show in episode 5 (Tuesday, May 7th).

Sophie Kasaei.

Why did Sophie leave?

After entering a serious relationship with new boyfriend Jay Bigzy, Sophie was finding it increasingly difficult from the getgo of this season to be in the house.

In episode 2 (Tuesday, April 16th) she had expressed to best pal Nathan Henry how difficult she was finding it, but stayed on after he got emotional at the thought of her leaving.

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But it would seem by episode 5, it was all too much – particularly when old flame Aussie Alex returned to the house – and Sophie had to choose love over the Geordie Shore family.

What did Sophie say about leaving?

An emotional Sophie could not be in the house anymore and had to be back with Jay after admitting she has “to put [herself] first”.

During the episode she said:

My relationship is so important and I think the way that I’ve been feeling this time around… I just think it’s the right time to pack my things up and walk away.

Rather than saying goodbye in person, Sophie left the Geordie lot a farewell note, which inevitably caused some tears after they returned from a night out on the toon…

Sophie writes her goodbye to the rest of the house, E5.

How did the Geordie Shore family react?

This departure was inevitably a shock for the Geordie Shore family.

Nathan in particular found the news hard, saying “the very thought of Sophie leaving this house makes me feel physically sick, ‘coz I can’t bear to be here without her”.

There were tears and walk outs because of the news, but all acknowledged it was the right thing for Sophie to do.

Nathan reads Sophie’s goodbye letter to the house.

Nathan’s reaction.




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