Why did Tahlia Chung leave Geordie Shore? Season 21 absence explained

Tahlia Chung rocketed to reality TV stardom by joining the cast of Geordie Shore last year. But where is she now? 

In season 19, the MTV bosses decided it was time for a switch-up and welcomed four new radgies to the household: Tahlia Chung, Bethan Kershaw, Nat Phillips, and Beau Brennan.

All four settled into the household well – it’s not surprising considering that Bethan is best mates with Chloe Ferry and Nat is a good friend of Nathan Henry’s. They went on to star in season 20, however for season 21, just Bethan, Beau and Nat have returned.

So, why did Tahlia Chung leave the Geordie Shore cast? Find out what happened to her on the show and where she is now.

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Tahlia Chung joins the cast

Tahlia, 23, joined Geordie Shore season 19 which started airing back in April 2019. Before appearing on the reality show, Tahlia was working as a bartender in Newcastle.

Immediately, Tahlia became friends with everyone in the house and seemingly had no issues with anyone. In fact, Tahlia quickly became besties with Nathan and Chloe, cementing her status in the house.

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It then seemed an odd move for Tahlia not to return, considering how popular she was.

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Why did Tahlia leave Geordie Shore?

Tahlia Chung never specified the exact reason that she did not return to Geordie Shore for season 21. The MTV team often change the cast, not inviting the newer cast mates back. As they roped in three new cast members for season 21 – Amelia Lily, Louis Shaw, and Ant Kennedy – it’s likely they weren’t planning to bring Tahlia back.

Tahlia has not ever spoken about MTV and leaving Geordie Shore, but her best pal Zahida Allen has. In February 2020, Zahida and Tahlia were at a pub and were approached by strangers who asked about their appearances on Geordie Shore. In a Twitter thread, Zahida explained what went down at the pub and called Geordie Shore a “sh*te hole of a show.”

Zahida then went on to say that the “Geordie shore producers were absolutely vile to us,” implying they were “vile” to both her and Tahlia. Guessing things didn’t end too well for Tahlia then.

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Where is Tahlia Chung now?

It is unknown what exactly Tahlia is doing now, but from her Twitter account we found that she’s living at home with her mum and dad.

The world of reality TV isn’t totally off the cards, as in January 2020 Tahlia appeared in an episode of Just Tattoo of Us. 

To keep up with Tahlia’s latest updates, you can follow her on Instagram @tahliachung.




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