The real reasons Faith left Geordie Shore: A fight with the newbies and her religion made her quit!
Faith arrives at the Geordie Shore house.

The real reasons Faith left Geordie Shore: A fight with the newbies and her religion made her quit!

Geordie Shore series 19 kicked off on Tuesday, April 9th and fans are already loving our favourite Geordie lot getting up to their usual wild antics on the toon.

But the regular cast has been shaken up, as old cast members are axed and four newbies have entered the Geordie Shore house.

So why has Faith Mullen not returned this time around? Here’s what you need to know about Faith Mullen leaving the show.

Geordie Shore series 18 episode 2

Who is Faith Mullen?

Faith joined the Geordie Shore cast in series 18 of the hit MTV show.

But the 19-year-old had a hard time settling into the house.

Faith came to blows with Chloe Ferry over what she thought was ‘funny’ humour… Ergo, she did not find Chloe’s sexual banter as hilarious as she does.

Chloe also challenged Faith on her Christian values, which understandably led to some tears.

Is Faith in series 19?

Sadly, Faith will not be returning to the Geordie Shore house for series 19.

A source told Ok! that she would appear in the show on a part-time basis.

But as Faith was not seen filming for the show, we’re not sure she’ll actually make an appearance.

What did Faith have to say about leaving?

On April 21st – Easter Sunday – Faith took to YouTube to share her reasons for not being on Geordie Shore anymore.

In a video entitled ‘My truth… Geordie Shore’, she admitted that she went into the show “to show another side of Christianity”. But she quickly lost her way after the filming process ended.

Faith states in the video:

 I totally lost who I was in God. I was more focussed on partying and drinking and started acting like a bit of a d***head if I’m honest.

And believes that “because [she] didn’t stick to God’s plan, He took Geordie away”.

But what really happened?

Faith was set to return to the show on a part-time basis.

But as she continues to explain she had had an altercation with one of the four newbies – unconfirmed who – back in November 2018.

So the fight with either Bethan, Beau, Natalie or Tahlia was enough to convince her to throw in her Geordie Shore towel!

So who will be returning to the show?

Some notable cast members were absent from the series 19 trailer and the show’s opening credits, leading fans to speculate that they had left the show.

These cast members included fan favourites Abbie Holborn and Holly Hagan and series 18 newbie Adam Guthrie.

But to our delight, Abbie appeared in the second episode and Adam is set to feature in episode 3 (Tuesday, April 23rd)!

Sadly, Faith will be the only member of the series 18 cast who will not return.

Bethan enters the Geordie Shore house, S19 E1.



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