Why we think Sam Gowland cheated on Chloe with this Love Island star!

The internet has been going wild since Chloe Ferry revealed that her and boyfriend of nearly two years Sam Gowland decided to part ways on Friday, May 10th.

News that the couple were still living together emerged alongside revelations that Sam had cheated on Chloe understandably left a large question mark hanging over the relationship.

So who did Sam cheat on Chloe with?

Here is everything you need to know about this rather complicated Geordie Shore breakup and a real-life series crossover…

Chloe and Sam, 2019.

Chloe Ferry and Sam Gowland: The Breakup

On Friday, May 10th Chloe announced that her and Sam would be breaking up after their 17-month relationship. But she said the pair were “still friends”.

Oh how things change…

This chance at friendship was quickly shot as one day later, fans of Chloe’s messaged her on Instagram claiming Sam had been messaging other women.

Screenshot: Instagram https://www.instagram.com/chloegshore1/

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Who did Sam cheat on Chloe with?

These revelations that Sam had moved on quickly and some claiming he had been unfaithful during their relationship continued.

But it has been revealed by The Sun that immediately after the couple had broken up, Sam slept with another woman whilst he was in London on Saturday, May 11th.

And not just any stranger, but a fellow Love Island star Sam supposedly knows “very well”. Could it be that he and former Love Island flame Georgia Harrison are giving it another go?

Was it Georgia?

It is still unconfirmed which islander Sam cheated on Chloe with.

But as he and Georgia still follow each other on Insta and she’s currently single, this reunion doesn’t seem impossible!

Particularly as in The Sun, it was reported that this “isn’t the only occasion they’ve spent time together.”

Why are Chloe and Sam still living together?

Amid all of the cheating rumours, it came to light that Chloe and Sam were still living together.

To clear this up she came out with this statement on her Instagram story:

Me and Sam are NOT back together. Yeah, we live together, but that’s because we’ve got a mortgage together. We can’t just chuck each other out.

And they don’t just share the same house, which seems like its trickier to navigate with co-ownership and mortgages, which perplexed fans… They are currently on holiday together!

Chloe Ferry’s single life

It would seem that Chloe is trying to embrace the single life in the best way she knows how… a trip to Ibiza!

And while her very recent ex-boyfriend is on the trip as well, that doesn’t seem to be stopping Chloe from enjoying her time despite fans questioning this choice.

In an Instagram story posted on Wednesday, May 22nd Chloe said: “I have not been single in years, so I’m gonna show all you lasses who’ve been cheated on how to be single. I’m gonna go on a mad one.”

Considering she’s acknowledged she’s “a f**king catch” and has been posting some rather risqué pics to her Insta, it would seem Chloe’s back in the single game… Could Celebs Go Dating be on the horizon?




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