Geordie Shore icon turned superstar DJ Ricci Guarnaccio has always been incredibly open about having plastic surgery, and how he’s felt pressured to go under the knife.

The reality star, 36, who has returned to the Newcastle-based MTV hit for The Reunion Series, has had nose jobs, Botox, and work on his eyelids, chin, cheeks and jawline.

He’s always been open and honest about the changes he’s made to his appearance, and once said reality stars feel pressured to have work done.

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Pressure on reality stars

Last year, Ricci opened up on podcast So This Is Adulting about how he had his first nose job after his nose was broken.

He hadn’t shown any interest in cosmetic procedures before that, but that one thing quickly led to another.

He said: “I’d never been a fan of surgery then at all, just never bothered about it. And after I had my nose done, I thought actually this made me look a bit better.”

The star joked: “And then one thing led to another, and I’d get Botox over the years and that kind of thing. And now I’m on my fifth face.”

Ricci said reality stars are often offered cosmetic procedures for free, and that they struggle to say no due to the pressure they’re under to look a certain way.

Issuing a warning to others, he added: “It’s a slippery slope with surgery I will tell people that because that’s what started me off, that first bit of surgery.

“You’re constantly looking in the mirror and thinking, ‘What can I get done next?’ and ‘Oh I can improve that’. And especially when you’re getting slightly older as well you see your skin may be not as tight.”

What plastic surgery has Ricci had?

Ricci added on the podcast: “I did go through a really bad phase where I was like ‘What can I get done next?’ I’ve had my eyelids done, had my nose done twice, had my jaw tightened…so you do fall into a trap.

“Especially in our position now because we get it all for free. So when you’re getting all that you get a sense of ‘I can do this and that’ and it’s a slippery slope.”

Ricci returns to Geordie Shore

Ricci and a host of his former castmates have returned to Geordie Shore for a special reunion series.

He was introduced in the third episode during a party, when Charlotte Crosby announced a special “superstar DJ” would be showing up to play a set.

There was a bit of tension in the room at first, with Sophie Kasaei worried her ex-boyfriend Joel Corry – who appeared on the show with her in early series – would be coming back.

But much to the delight of everyone in the room, it was Ricci G who took to the decks.

Sharing a clip of the show on Instagram, Ricci wrote: “AND I’m BACKKKKKK BAAABY! Definitely the best and biggest series of @geordieshore to date that I’ve been involved in you guys are in for a seriously real treat hope you all Enjoy the show”.

And his fans were just as buzzing.

One commented: “Ricci’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack”.

“You are unreal,” another told him.

While a third wrote: “What an entrance”.


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