EXCLUSIVE: Geordie Shore legend Ricci Guarnaccio says a mystery arrival on tonight’s episode of The Reunion Series is going to REALLY kick things off.

A host of OG Geordie Shore stars have joined forces with the newbies for an electric season of the hit reality show.

There was already a lot of tension at the big reunion bash, with stars threatening to confront others.

Nathan Henry was also seen desperately trying to mend Chloe Ferry and Bethan Kershaw’s broken friendship.

And now that the gang’s on holiday together in Portugal, things are really going down.

In the midst of Jay necking on with Abbie Holborn and Ricci tashing on with Bethan, a mystery woman was seen getting out of a car and heading into the club.

But who is she?

It’s about to kick off

Fans and stars alike were disappointed when Ricci’s ex Vicky Pattison didn’t show up to the reunion party.

And cheeky Ricci, 36, teased that she could be the person arriving in Portugal – although evidence would seem to suggest she isn’t keen on going back to the show.

During an exclusive chat with Reality Titbit, the reality star turned superstar DJ teased: “There’d be no bigger drama than Vicky would there?”

He sustained the mystery, adding: “It could be anyone. It’s a reunion and there’s a hell of a lot of people coming back that you wouldn’t expect.

“It’s a little bit like Ex On The Beach because you are standing there thinking, ‘who is coming in next?’ And when we were filming we really didn’t know who was coming and who wasn’t.

“People would drop in and you’d think, ‘oh my god, it’s going to kick off’.”

Ricci’s return

Ricci joined the MTV show’s second series in 2012 and remained until series five in 2013. He was back briefly for the Big Birthday Battle in 2016, before returning once more this time around.

His arrival was teased by co-star Charlotte Crosby, who announced to the crowd that she’d booked a DJ for the evening.

Ricci, whose new single Never Be Without drops on November 3, walked out to cheers before taking to the decks and partying with his old pals.

When it came to making a decision whether or not to return, Ricci told us it was a “no-brainer”.

He said: “Regardless of who was going, I was always going to go back. I was adamant about playing my music on there and DJing and with my music getting played it was great but I also wanted to see everybody.

“I’ve always been thankful to MTV. There were a lot of ups and downs when I first started but I wanted to go back in single and really enjoy this series.

“As much as it created openings for me, there was a lot of arguing and fighting and that person who people thought I was, I wanted to go in single and enjoying myself and show people who I really am.

“I wanted people to see that I’m not always just kicking off, like I was last time I was on the show.”

Ricci and Jay – partners in crime

Ricci was seen on the last episode of the show really cutting loose alongside best pal Jay Gardner.

After setting their sights on Bethan and Abi, they both ended up kissing their new love interests on the gang’s first night out in Portugal.

But Jay, 36, said things could get messy for him if Chantelle Connelly turns up on the holiday since they’d been messaging each other since the party.

“Me and Jay are best mates outside the house,” Ricci explained. “We spoke a lot about the show and past experiences, we talk about everything with each other.

“He left very early last time for a girl and I was in a relationship the whole time in the house and we wanted to both go back in there and just enjoy ourselves.

“Regardless of age, it doesn’t matter how old you are, we’re going to go in and have fun. Paully D and The Situation were like 38 and 44 when they were bouncing around Jersey Shore still.

“We both really enjoyed this series, but I don’t think Jay’s going to enjoy the next episode when it comes out.”

Ricci teased: “Obviously I can’t say too much but you’ll probably guess from the situation and the fact it’s a TV show that’s always had drama and confrontations.

“It’s crazy when you’re in the house filming because there’s so much anxiety flying around.

“It was a weird feeling with people in there because everyone was unsure of how everyone else was going to react but one thing me and Jay did in there was just not care.

“I can’t say too much, but that being said what would Geordie Shore be without drama and kick-offs?”

Charlotte’s big news

The Reunion Series has also provided some tear-jerking moments with Charlotte announcing her pregnancy.

After telling a couple of the girls in private, Charlotte made a big announcement at the party that she was expecting her first child.

Telling them “the family’s getting bigger”, Charlotte was in tears as she shared the happy news.

And she’s since welcomed her little one with partner Jake.

Ricci said of the moment: “It was unbelievable. The amount of respect I’ve got for Charlotte is on another level. I think she is one of the nicest, most down-to-earth people you’ll ever meet.

“We all love her and we all owe her a lot. She opened up doors for myself and other people, like Big Brother, and to go on and do other things that wouldn’t be possible without her doing it.”

He added: “She’s such a sound girl, her parents are lovely and her boyfriend Jake is such a great lad and she’s wanted a baby for ages.

“She just wanted to find the right person to settle down with because she’s been hurt time and time again and she just wanted to be loved.

“It’s so nice to see her get her happy ending.”



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