Get to know the Nayfeld's from Families of The Mafia season 2

Get to know the Nayfeld's from Families of The Mafia season 2

As season 2 of Families of The Mafia returns, new families are taking to the screen. With the family of one of New York’s most notorious mobsters sharing their life away from the Mafia, we can expect to also see the boss himself, Boris Nayfeld.

Although the show will not be all happy families, running from a lifetime of crime, can this family re-kindle any relationships they once had is the question on everyone’s minds…

Who is Boris Nayfeld?

Former Russian mob boss and heroin trafficker, 74-year-old Boris, also known as ‘Biba’ has been in and out of prison throughout his life. Although Boris has been serving probation in Moscow, he is set to return to the United States throughout the show to reunite with his son, Eli Kiperman.

Formerly based in New York City as one of the most notorious mafia bosses in the area, Boris arrived as a Jewish refugee in the 70s from Belarus.

Ever since then Boris has continued to be influential with his crime, however, bad decisions and prison sentences have since caused him to lose his former life of luxury.

Not only was Boris living off of a $750-a-month Social Security check prior to his most resent sentencing, his life as a mob boss has also led to a failed marriage with his ex-wife and a lack of a relationship with his son.

However, viewers of the show may see a change in these relationships following Boris’ return to the States.

Meet Eli Kiperman

The face of the family that we will see most on the show is that of Eli Kilperman, son of Boris Nayfeld.

Taking more of a legitimate route than his father, Eli steered away from the life of crime working to support his mother Angela who will also be featuring in the series.

We can predict that throughout the series, the relationship between Boris and his son will not be smooth sailing as Eli says, “my relationship with my father is strictly business.”

And don’t forget Angela

Angela, mother of Eli and ex-wife of Boris will also be making some appearances throughout the series.

After years of marriage, Angela filed for divorce in 2017 following Boris’ most recent sentencing in prison.

The preview shows Eli speaking with his mother and informing her that Boris will be returning to the United States as his Visa ends. Angela is seen nervously tapping her fingers as Eli explains, “I just want you to be prepared.”

Fans of the show have been excited for the new addition of the Neyfelds, with one Instagram user commenting, “they got the Neyfelds on the show, that’s insane.”

The show will be airing tonight, 15 July in the USA, with the release date yet to be announced for fans to watch season 2 in the UK.

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