MTV’s latest season of The Challenge saw contestants take on tough tasks and gruelling battles. But has a rookie ever won?

The reality series puts several TV stars to the ultimate test, with many of them returning to showcase their physical skills in multiple seasons.

As it comes to an end, viewers are starting to wonder if a new recruit has ever been given the reigning crown during the finale.

So, let’s find out if a rookie has ever won, or if its winners tend to be those that have appeared on the MTV series in the past…

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Has a rookie ever won The Challenge?

  • Yes

Usually, those who have not experienced the tough battles of The Challenge don’t make it to the end of the gruesome competition.

But, there are actually several contestants who entered as rookies, and came out as champions in the series finale.

Here are rookies who have won a The Challenge season before:

  • Jenny MF West – Total Madness
  • Dee Nguyen and Rogan O’Connor — War of the Worlds 2
  • Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran — War of the Worlds 1
  • Ashley Mitchell — Invasion
  • Jamie Banks — Bloodlines
  • Frank Sweeney, Zach Nichols, Ashley Kelsey, and Sam McGinn — Battle of the Seasons 2012
  • Carley Johnson — Fresh Meat II
  • Frank Roessler, Jillian Zoboroski, Nehemiah Clark, Tori Hall, Johanna Botta, and Rachel Moyal— Gauntlet III
  • Evelyn Smith and Janelle Casanave — Inferno 3
  • Wes Bergmann — The Duel
  • Aviv Melmed — Fresh Meat
  • Alton Williams, Landon Lueck, MJ Garrett, Jodi Weatherton, Susie Meister, Ibis Nieves, Kina Dean, and Randy Barry — Gauntlet II
  • Landon and Jamie Chung — Inferno II
  • Abram Boise, Christena Pyle, Darrell Taylor, Katie Doyle, Kendal Sheppard, and Timmy Beggy —The Inferno
  • Darrell, Rachel Robinson, Sarah Greyson, Theo Vonkurnatowski, Adam Larson, Cara Zavaleta, Dave Guintoli, and Roni Martin —The Gauntlet
  • Mark Long, Jamie Murray, & Colin Mortensen — Battle of the Sexes
  • Coral Smith, Mike Mizanin, Elka Walker, Sean Duffy, Kelley Limp, and Danny Roberts — Battle of the Seasons 2002
  • Dan Renzi, Julie Stoffer, Jamie Chung, Kameelah Philips, Syrus Yarbrough, & Rebecca Lord — Extreme Challenge
  • Veronica Portillo, Piggy Thomas, Holly Shand, Yes Duffy, Dan Setzler, & Los Jackson — Challenge 2000
  • Mark, Roni, Kefla Hare, Anne Wharton, Kalle Dedolph, and Noah Rickun— RW/RR Challenge
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Who won The Challenge: Double Agents?

  • Amber Borzotra and Chris “CT” Tamburello

Fans were over the moon when it was announced that 33-year-old Amber, who was a rookie, won The Challenge: Double Agents in 2021.

The mental health advocate, who usually spends her time in New York or Tennessee, was previously a houseguest on Big Brother 16.

CT was also the winner, having won the spin-off series six in total, out of 21 appearances, marking four career wins for him.

The duo took home the winning cash prize of $900,000.

Fans react to Double Agents winner

Scrolling through Twitter, it’s clear to see that Amber B was one of the favourites to win during this season.

One fan said: “This season was forgettable. Half the rookies had lame excuses of leaving or weren’t good at all.

“The only rookie that actually had a good play was Amber B. Didn’t realize it so many players this season only for them to be forget later.”

Another wrote: I love that a rookie won for once. I love the OGs still!”



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