Ready to return back to The Challenge and claim what they believe is there’s are a variety of former contestants who have had success on the show before. The Challenge All Stars season 2 launched on November 11th and airs on Paramount Plus.

By the looks of the season trailer, old beef is bound to resurface and the contestants are going to hash it out for one last time. For anyone wondering where The Challenge All Stars 2021 is filmed, wonder no more as we explore the filming location and more.

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The Challenge: All Stars | Season 2 | Teaser | Paramount+

Where is The Challenge All Stars 2021 filmed?

The 24 contestants have left their homes, some in the USA and some across the world, and have headed to Cancun, Mexico in a bid to win a $500,000 cash prize on The Challenge All Stars season 2.

While the first season of All Stars was filmed in the Andes Mountains of Argentina, season 2 was filmed a little closer to the USA in Mexico.

Although the contestants have a lot of mental and physical challenges ahead of them on the show, they’ll get to soak up the Cancun sun while they’re there and temperatures of up to 91 degrees.

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When was The Challenge All Stars 2 filmed?

Season 2 of the Paramount show kicked off on November 11th and airs each Thursday weekly. Of course, the show is prerecorded rather than being live, and season 2 was filmed a few months back.

All 10 episodes of The Challenge All Stars 2 were filmed in the same location of Cancun throughout August 2021.

Some of the contestants appeared on All Stars season 1, while others haven’t appeared on a spin-off of the show for 20 years!

The Challenge | Spies, Lies & Allies Official Super Trailer | MTV

The Challenge | Spies, Lies & Allies Official Super Trailer | MTV

Who is on All Stars season 2?

Ready to show us, and themselves, what they’re made of are the following 24 contestants.

  • Ayanna Mackins
  • Brad Fiorenza
  • Casey Cooper
  • Cohutta Grindstaff
  • Darell Taylor
  • Derek Chavez
  • Derrick Kosinski
  • Janelle Casanave
  • Jasmine Reynaud
  • Jodi Weatherton
  • Jonna Mannion
  • Katie Cooley
  • Kendal Darnell
  • Laterrian Wallace
  • Leah Gillingwater
  • Melinda Collins
  • MJ Garrett
  • Nehemiah Clark
  • Ryan Kehoe
  • Sophia Pasquis
  • Steve Meinke
  • Teck Holmes
  • Tina Barta
  • Tyler Duckworth

It’s “game on” for the 24 contestants from November 11th. During the show’s trailer, the contestants are clearly serious about winning: “Sometimes in life you wish you’d get a do-over and this is it… $500k is on the line, f*** the friendships.

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