How much do Teen Mom UK stars get paid? Comparing salaries on MTV reality shows

The Teen Mom UK stars have been sharing their journeys into motherhood with us for the past four years, the MTV series having launched in November 2016.

We’ve seen the young mothers grow and develop alongside their babies, pursue their dreams, end relationships and start new ones. Some have even had a second child!

With the majority of the Teen Moms’ lives on show, viewers have felt entitled to know everything about the cast and there’s one particular unspoken area that viewers want to get to the nitty-gritty of: their salaries.

So, how much do the Teen Mom UK stars get paid? Chloe Patton claims it’s not as much as you may think!

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Chloe Patton talks Teen Mom UK salary

Like most reality TV shows, the stars get a sum of money for sharing their lives with us on screen. Although Instagram might lead you to believe that the reality stars are rolling in cash, Chloe Patton has previously revealed that it’s not as much as you might think.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Chloe said:

People think you get millions, I’m like, why? Don’t put these thoughts into my head! You get paid but it’s not life-changing money. You couldn’t go out and buy a house. It wouldn’t even pay the bills every month.

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How much do Teen Mom UK stars get paid?

It is unconfirmed exactly how much they get paid by MTV but we can estimate a figure based off of what Chloe said and other reality TV show salaries.

The cast all have day jobs on top of starring in Teen Mom UK, Chloe even worked two jobs at one point on top of starring in the reality show and being a mum to Marley!

If their MTV salary “wouldn’t even pay the bills every month,” and they need jobs on top of starring on TV, then it could be that the Teen Mom UK stars get roughly the same amount that Channel 4’s Gogglebox cast do, which is £1,500 a month.

How much do MTV reality stars make in general?

In comparison, other MTV reality stars make a whole lot more than the Teen Mom UK girls.

MTV is one of the major reality TV networks in the UK and has launched the careers of household names such as Vicky Pattison and Charlotte Crosby. The Geordie Shore cast are unique among MTV’s roster of reality stars as they have all gone on to make millions. This has not come from their work on an MTV series but the work they have done outside of Geordie Shore from books and fitness DVDs to personal appearances. You can read more about how much the Geordie Shore cast makes here.

Reality shows such as Ex on the Beach are the ones with a bigger pay check, particularly if the cast member is already well-known.

American Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham wasn’t paid much to appear on the original show – or 16 and Pregnant for that matter – but when she starred on Ex on the Beach, she was reportedly paid a $300,000 check.

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