If eating vegan is the Key to Sam Logan's tasty body then count us in
Screenshot: Siesta Key Twitter, MTV

If eating vegan is the Key to Sam Logan's tasty body then count us in

Sam Logan has always been a Siesta Key fan favorite, so when his then-girlfriend Juliette Porter brings back vegan treats for him – and non-vegan food for herself – we finally figured out just how he stays so toned.

He won’t be receiving any more vegan goodies, as the couple have split since filming. There are also unconfirmed rumors circulating that Jordana Barnes is Sam Logan’s new beau, which fans are seriously divided over.

The billionaire is no stranger to getting his muscley bod out, whether he’s chilling at the beach or by the pool. And it looks like veganism could be the key to how he maintains his well-trained physique…

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Sam Logan doesn’t eat meat

Sam has always been open about being vegan, but admitted that he does eat fish occasionally. He was even asked whether his dogs also follow a meat-free diet, to which he said they don’t.

He revealed: “No, they have short digestive tracts (dogs in general) and I eat fish from time to time.” So, most of the time Sam is a vegan, but considering he sometimes eats fish, he would technically be called a pescatarian.

During the March 24th episode, Sam is brought home vegan food by then-girlfriend Juliette, who also bought herself non-vegan treats. A Reddit thread has even been started by fans, who are curious to find out about his veganism.

One thread which asks viewers to tell them everything they know about Sam listed being “vegan” as one of the first ways to describe him. They wrote: “Super rich, works out a lot, eats vegan (funny because Juliette loves junk food).

Fans react to Siesta Key star’s veganism

Most reactions to Sam’s veganism question whether ex-girlfriend Juliette also followed a meat-free lifestyle. The truth is, she regularly eats meat, but fans have described her diet as “loving junk food.”

Juliette has been seen eating steak on Siesta Key, but has been assumed to eat less meat than she usually would while she was in a relationship with Sam. A fan made the following guess:

I’ve wondered this too. She’s eaten meat in the past, but I’ll bet Sam gets her into a semi-veg lifestyle. Maybe not full on, but like Meatless Mondays and things like that.

Juliette has posted stories of her cooking with Sam in the past, which are usually vegan-based! It’s no secret that she loves a meat burger though, and is so passionate about it that she shared the below photo…

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He is a total gym fanatic

Sam doesn’t even need to leave his house to work out, because he spent $4 million on a mansion which boasts his own home gym. He also has a lift, ocean view, sauna and covered balcony overlooking the in-ground pool.

So it’s not like Sam is ever slacking when it comes to exercise on his doorstep (literally), and has even been seen taking a swim more than once on Siesta Key. The billionaire also stays fit by going snowboarding regularly.

He once told a fan – who asked how he always works out early – that black coffee is his secret. Sam said:

I’ve always been a morning person and sleep with a black coffee by my bed, I don’t know really. Once you get in the routine you fall asleep really early, just because you’re exhausted from the gym and waking up so early.

From field work at Lakewood Ranch, Florida, to regular swims and walks, the MTV star is always exercising. If he’s not busy working out, he’s usually driving around in luxury cars or filming for the reality show!



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