Who is Imari on Catfish: The TV Show? Dee Pimpin may make her return!

Imari has turned to experts on MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show, as she has suspicions that her connection may not be genuine. So, who is she?

It is the show like no other, where Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford get to grips to uncover the truth about a potential online catfish.

The MTV series usually involves a participant who has emailed the duo, hoping that they can help her find out who she is really talking to online.

So, who is Imari? And who does she meet, that she believes has made an appearance on Catfish in the past?

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Catfish: Who is Imari?

Imari introduced herself as a 22-year-old whose “career is on the line”.

She is a singer-songwriter from Ohio, who reached out to a fellow artist – who she really looks up to – online three months ago.

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They have since been texting every day, which has led to the artist asking Imari to send over some demos of her music, and wanting to collaborate.

Imari plans to fly to Atlanta to collaborate with her online musical mentor, but says this ‘mentor’ has been on the show before – as the catfish.

Who is Imari’s ‘Catfish’?

  • Dee Pimpin

Imari confirmed that she believes it was Dee Pimpin after seeing the rapper appear on talk show 106 & Park.

Dee, who has 20,000 followers on her Facebook account, “tends to hit on straight girls”, according to Nev – based on her previous Catfishing.

Having not watched her Catfish episode, Nev explained to Amari that Dee Pimpin would contact women who thought that she was a guy.

Imari and Dee Pimpin had not yet spoken on video chat, as she had refused to do so since they began texting.

Dee Pimpin is originally from Season 2’s episode with Keyonnah and Dee, who thought she was dating rapper Bow Wow.

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Dee Pimpin on Catfish: The TV Show

Dee Pimpin pretended to be rapper Bow Wow in a former episode.

Since her Catfish appearance, Dee Pimpin has actually met Bow Wow, who was reportedly flattered by the impersonation.

Dee was speaking to a woman called Keyonnah, who thought she was dating Bow Wow for four months after meeting online through a ‘fan site’.

Romantically, Keyonnah and Dee didn’t work out, but are thought to continue to talk almost every day.

As of 2015, Dee Pimpin is reportedly engaged. Despite confirming she is not interested in anyone but her fiance, reports say she may still catfish.



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