As Siesta Key season four gets well underway, viewers have noticed that Garrett hasn’t made an appearance. So, is he still on the show?

Garrett Miller has been on the MTV show since the very start, where cameras caught him hooking up with co-stars Cara, and then Kelsey.

Now that season four is on our screens, it seems that he may not be appearing on the reality TV show any longer, according to fans.

So, where is Garrett on Siesta Key? Has he actually left and if so, is he planning to come back? We have all the details here.

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Fans react to Garrett’s absence

Garrett has been a popular cast member for long-time viewers of Siesta Key.

Four episodes in, and viewers have started questioning where he is, as he has barely made an appearance. In previous seasons, he was often seen.

Several fans have taken to social media to ask fellow viewers if they know where Garrett is, and whether he is actually in season four.

One fan wrote: “Can someone please tell me where Garrett is?! #SiestaKey.”

Another said: “Is Garrett even in this season? #SiestaKey.”

Is Garrett still on Siesta Key?

  • Yes, Garrett continues to be part of MTV’s Siesta Key

He may have only been captured on camera in the first episode of season four, but Garrett hasn’t actually left the show.

The MTV star even posted an Instagram photo which was taken during filming, possibly as a response to fans questioning his whereabouts.

He wrote: “Just in case y’all don’t see us tonight, on @siestakey here’s me & @kenna.q during golden hour while [filming].”

So fear not fans, as Garrett – who has been in a long-term relationship with Makenna Quesenberry – is definitely on season four.

Why has Garrett been absent?

  • It has not been confirmed, but fans claim it’s because he doesn’t get involved in drama

After he posted a picture of him filming with his girlfriend, fans questioned why Garrett is not being shown on TV.

One commenter shared their thoughts, claiming: “Honestly, I feel like it’s because they aren’t into the drama.”

Another wrote: “They’re my favorite 😍 we need some normalcy in this show. So much is scripted and I want the real love story.”

Others said they caught a glimpse of Garrett in the background on the latest episode, however he hasn’t been in the forefront of scenes.



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