Season 4 of MTV’s Floribama Shore has been rather eventful, from Gus going missing to trying to fight Jeremiah’s brother. Is he leaving?

Similar to Jersey Shore and Geordie Shore, which became popular hits on MTV, Floribama Shore is a reality series which follows a group of friends.

From parties, drama and new reveals, there’s always a shocking event unravelling on Floribama Shore. During season 4, Gus played a main part.

So, is Gus leaving Floribama Shore? Or will he return for season 5? Fans have been calling on the MTV star to leave throughout the current season.

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Gus Smyrnios on Floribama Shore: Season 4

After falling out with co-star and ex-bestie Jeremiah Buoni, it looks like things went from bad to worse for Gus Smyrnios.

After living with Jeremiah and his brother, tensions arose, and they got into a physical fight at the beginning of season four.

He then argued with co-star Candace Rice about stealing a hairdryer, and ran away from the house, which led to a search for Gus.

As reported by Cheatsheet, Gus has said the show is “produced to get reactions” and he’s “hated for doing his job year-round”. He is also reportedly “done acknowledging the show”.

During the season, Gus has reportedly gotten into trouble with MTV for going live on Instagram, and touched on rumors about his behaviour.

Fans call for Gus to leave Floribama Shore

Looking at Twitter, most viewers appear to be done with watching Gus on the MTV series, and are saying they no longer want to hear it.

One Floribama Shore fan wrote: “I haven’t heard Gus own up to one thing.”

While another voiced their opinions, and said: “It’s the guys who are always bringing the drama. Namely Gus. #FloribamaShore.”

So, it’s clear to see that most viewers blame Gus for causing lots of drama in the Floribama Shore house, during season 4.

Is Gus Smyrnios leaving Floribama Shore?

Despite several fans urging Gus to leave the series, he has not revealed either that he will be departing or coming back to the show.

However, he has hinted that he could be leaving his reality TV appearance in the past, as he wrote “only moving forward” on a recent photo caption.

Gus also shared his first scripted acting clip, suggesting that he may be distancing himself from reality TV and going into drama instead.

He wrote in the caption:

For a long time I’ve worked in silence. I’ve kept to myself about my dreams and goals because I’ve been scared to put them out there to fail. Failure is no new circumstance for me. But neither is being resilient. […] Have taken months of classes, getting better and better, and been writing my own short films to develop once I start my YouTube channel.



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