Jade Cline’s Brazilian Butt Lift surgery has become the main fodder for Season 10 of Teen Mom 2.

The MTV show’s recent episode featured that the 24-year-old’s plastic surgery procedure.

The show will document the entire process of the surgery, right from the time Jade travelled to Miami to get the process done till the time she is completely recovered from it.

The reality star was assisted by castmate Briana DeJesus while getting the procedure.

Briana got the procedure done back in 2018 and thus has some experience with it. However, Jade’s post-surgery recovery was not as smooth as she would have liked.

Jade Cline’s before and after surgery pictures explored

In recent months the MTV star hasn’t shied away from showing off her new curves on Instagram. The picture (above) was taken in 2018, and Jade appears less ‘curvy’ in it.

However, it looks like her plastic surgery was a success despite the pain she suffered after it. Over the last few months, the reality star hasn’t held back from getting full-body pictures.

Teen Mom star Jade’s post-surgery buttocks appear to be bigger in size and fuller in shape. On May 22, she posted a picture of herself donning white booty shorts that flaunted her new curves.

Moreover back on February 15 the Teen Mom 2 star posted her first full-body picture after the surgery.

Teen mom 2 captures star’s Brazilian Butt Lift procedure

It was in Jan 2021 that reports surfaced claiming that Jade had undergone surgery and that Teen Mom 2 would feature the process.

However, we had no idea of the ordeal the mother of one had to undergo to get her desired body shape.

In the June 8 episode we saw, Jade in a lot of pain. The star claimed, “The pain in my a– and legs and back is f–king excruciating. I can’t even sleep. I can’t get comfortable. It’s even worse than I thought.”

Episode 24, detailed Jade’s experience during her recovery firsthand. She suffered from severe bleeding and pain, after the procedure. Along with her daughter’s father, Sean Austin, co-star Briana, Jade’s mom were there to help her through the post-surgery symptoms.

However, things went South when Jade’s mom Christy Smith was sent to pick her pain relief medications.


Drama around her surgery explored

In a clip from the June 8 episode, we saw Jade’s ex Sean criticized Jade’s mother who was absent when Briana arrived to meet the star. He said in the episode, “She should have gone while her daughter was in surgery, got the medicine, and had it already. ” 

In the clip, we hear Jade growling from pain, as she refused to let the cameras into her room. Sean rings Christy who claimed that despite searching for hours she wasn’t able to find Percocet, a generic pain killer medicine.

Although it’s unclear what Christy was up to viewers were furious with her and suggested that she had taken Jade’s medication for herself.

But soon after the episode aired, the reality star took to social media to defend her mother.

In a now-deleted Instagram story, Jade explained, that her mom had dropped her off at the Airbnb to go get the prescriptions and claimed she couldn’t find them anywhere.

Detailing her ordeal further, she said, “Of course, I was mad. I’m still upset about that whole thing. But I’ve moved on from it. I don’t let things stay attached to me and cause me distress anymore.”

She further clarified, “My mom wouldn’t take my pills and use them. Also, she’s never used pain pills before or been addicted to them.”

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