Siesta Key: Is Joe Jenkins gay? Fans left confused about his sexuality

Joe Jenkins is one of the stars of MTV’s Siesta Key, and recently came out about his sexuality to his fellow cast members.

From relationships blossoming, to cast members making big decisions – such as Chloe leaving – the MTV series is known for its relatable coverage.

During the recent episode (June 23rd), several viewers saw the emotions of Joe come through, when he introduced a special someone to his co-stars.

Here at Reality Titbit, we look into Joe’s story, what he revealed about his sexuality, and how fans are reacting to the Siesta Key news.

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Joe opens up about his sexuality

The Siesta Key star spoke to his co-stars Juliette and Serena about his sexuality, and introduced an “important” someone to the show.

He later revealed that he’s “always been attracted to beauty”.

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During the episode, he took to Twitter to write:

People assume I’m gay because I flirt with guys – even though I’m still flirting with girls. I value the beauty in people… let me live.

Joe also posted that “ya boy can’t commit”, before writing: “I do love Stef though. She’s been perfect to me. I just f*** up more often than not.”

Is Joe Jenkins gay?

  • No, Joe does not identify as 100% gay

Some fans have assumed that Joe is gay, however the MTV star explained that he is fluid with both genders.

He went on to reveal that he identifies as bisexual, which means he is attracted to women and men, depending on who “excites him”.

Before the Siesta Key episode came out where he told Juliette and Serena about his truth and sexuality, he told fans to ask questions if they wish.

One fan asked him: “I’m genuinely curious and not being rude… I’m gay and was always wondering if you were straight gay or bi. Do you mind confirming?”

Joe told them:

I’m bi or fluid – whatever allows you to understand me better. I enjoy and am interested in whomever excites me – emotionally, mentally or physically. In the moment – I just want to be happy.

Twitter reacts to Joe’s sexuality

Fans of Siesta Key were supportive of Joe’s sexuality, but some were still confused about whether he is gay or not.

One viewer wrote: “Wait so Joe’s not gay? #SiestaKey.” Other fans commented by confirming that they believe he is bisexual.

“Uhhhhhhh I personally thought Joe was GAY AF!!!!! My bad #SiestaKey“, another fan said.

Another shared their thoughts, and posted: “JOE IS A FLUID KING !!! WE DO LOVE TO SEE IT!!! #siestakey.”



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