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16 and Pregnant: Where are Jordan Cashmyer and Derek Taylor? 2020 updates!

MTV’s 16 and Pregnant has featured a number of expecting couples and some fans wonder where Jordan Cashmyer and Derek Taylor are now. 

The MTV series, which originally aired from 2009 to 2014, follows the stories of teenage girls as they juggle through pregnancy, drama and their relationship with their partners.

Even though the show has finished, MTV went on to release several spin-off series such as Teen Mom, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, 16 and Recovering, and others.

MTV UK is currently airing repeat episodes and some fans are interested to learn what happened to Jordan and Derek.

So, let’s take a look where Jordan and Derek are now after their appearance on 16 and Pregnant.

Jordan on 16 and Pregnant, MTV

Who are Jordan and Derek?

Jordan and Derek appeared on season 5 of 16 and Pregnant. Similar to other couples, they also had some dramatic moments as Jordan was kicked out from her parents’ house after refusing to split with Derek.

They welcomed their daughter Genevieve Shae Taylor in 2014 and Jordan opened up about dealing with depression and anxiety following the birth.

The MTV show focused on Jordan and Derek’s financial difficulties who moved from one place to another and struggled to keep a roof over their heads.

Are Jordan and Derek still together?

No, Jordan and Derek are no longer together.

The couple called it quits a few months after the birth of their daughter.

Jordan previously shared a picture with partner Keith Boyer on her Instagram and Derek has been rumoured to be in a relationship with a girl called Cella.

  • UPDATE: We found Sam from 16 and Recovering on Instagram

Where are Jordan and Derek now?

It looks like Jordan and Derek have chosen to live a life away from the media spotlight.

Jordan is on Instagram and Twitter, however, she hasn’t updated her social media channels since 2018. We found her on Facebook and she recently created a new profile.

In a post on September 3rd, she wrote: “Hey everyone; had to make a new Facebook; can’t access my old one. I’m in the process of trying to get it taken down. Please remove any other ones you may have for me; this is the ONLY accurate one. Thank you.”

As for Derek, he is on Twitter under the handle @PoppinBubb13s but his account is private. Derek has a profile picture with his daughter Genevieve.




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