Did Kelsey Owens get a boob job? Siesta Key star's net worth explored!

Kelsey Owens showcased her swimwear line on MTV’s Siesta Key, which led to fans wondering if she recently got her boobs done.

She is one of several residents living on the barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, off the Sarasota coast, where a group of adults’ lives are filmed.

When Juliette Porter and Kelsey prepared to launch rival swimsuit lines, fans instantly started to pay attention to one of their chest areas.

After Kelsey spread a rumor about Juliette that makes their friendship worse, the question from viewers was whether Kelsey got a boob job.

Screenshot: Kelsey Owens, Siesta Key, Season 4 Episode 2, MTV

Did Kelsey Owens get a boob job?

  • Yes, Kelsey has had boob surgery

The MTV star openly revealed the news on Twitter in July 2020.

Since season four began airing, Kelsey has not been hiding away her chest from the cameras, claiming she no longer needs a push-up bra.

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Several fans praised Kelsey for her boob job. One fan wrote: “I knew it @thekelseyowens I told my friend last week I thought you did. Good job.”

What is Kelsey Owen’s net worth?

  • $2 million

Kelsey’s successful modelling career, as well as her time on Siesta Key, has led to her accumulating a significant net worth.

She is thought to be the richest cast member alongside Alex Kompothecras, who also has a net worth of $2 million – whose father helped start the show.

Now that Kelsey has launched her own swimwear brand, it’s possible that her net worth could actually increase by the end of the year.

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Kelsey Owens: Swimwear line

Kelsey owns swimwear brand By Kelsey Owens.

The May 19th episode aired just in time to promote her line, as Kelsey decided to launch the brand at 12pm on the same day.

There is actually a swimsuit called ‘The Kelsey’, which she wore on the latest Siesta Key episode. It costs $58 and can be bought here.

Sizes range from small to extra large, with products like cover-ups, bikinis, hats, towels, totes and accessories available to buy.



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