Teen Mom 2: What is Leah Messer's net worth? Salary explored!
Screenshot: The Evolution of Leah | Teen Mom 2, MTV's Teen Mom YouTube

Teen Mom 2: What is Leah Messer's net worth? Salary explored!

Leah Messer is known as one of the Teen Mom 2 stars, who make a salary on the MTV series. So what is her net worth in 2021?

The latest season, which follows teenage pregnancies as they navigate through school and relationships, has followed Leah’s everyday reality.

Alongside fellow Teen Moms Ashley, Kail, Briana, and Jade, it is common knowledge that the stars make a significant income on the series.

So, what is Leah Messer’s net worth? How much does she earn by starring on the MTV show? We have the lowdown here.

Screenshot: The Evolution of Leah | Teen Mom 2, MTV’s Teen Mom YouTube

What is Leah Messer’s net worth in 2021?

  • $50,000

The fan favourite, who originally first appeared on 16 & Pregnant, is a mother to twins Aliannah and Aleeah with ex Corey Simms.

She also cares for her youngest daughter Adalynn, with ex Jeremy Calvert.

Fans started to wonder what Leah’s net worth is when she recently found a lump in her breast, before discovering that she had no health insurance.

The Teen Mom 2 star makes a salary from appearing on the MTV series, but has also taken different money-making routes.

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Leah Messer: Teen Mom 2 salary

  • $400,000+ per season

Leah is reportedly making a significant income per each filming season, making her one of the most highest paid Teen Mom 2 stars.

There has also been indications that it might increase with another season of the show, netting her as much as $500k each time.

She has also made an income from writing a book called Hope, Grace & Faith, which has brought in money from sales since 2020.

In 2018, Leah reportedly had another job working as a consultant for lipstick company LipSense that sells directly to customers.

How much do Teen Mom 2 stars make?

It’s known that the Teen Mom 2 stars make most of their living by their appearances on the MTV series.

Some of them have other sources of income, such as making money on social media through brand partnerships and advertisements.

Here’s the reported salaries of each Teen Mom 2 star:

  • Kailyn Lowry – $500,000 per season
  • Jade Cline – up to $5,000 per episode
  • Ashley Jones – $500 per episode
  • Briana DeJesus – almost $500,000 per season
  • Leah Messer – $400,000+ per season



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