Anyone who watches Teen Mom will know of the infamous cast member, Mackenzie McKee. With fans describing her as “just like marmite”, people tend to either love or hate her.

As the new Teen Mom: Family Reunion and Girls Night In seasons came to air, a lot of past MTV drama came to light, including co-star Cheyenne Floyd calling Mackenzie out for her actions.

After trying to defend herself and calling out MTV for “lying” about why she wasn’t in the new spin of series, it seems Mackenzie went off the radar. We are here to tell you why.

Teen Mom | Family Reunion Official Trailer

Teen Mom | Family Reunion Official Trailer

Mackenzie McKee’s post caused a stir

Mackenzie publicly described her opinions on the new American Vice President, via a Facebook post back in 2021.

A post she made on Facebook read, “Sorry, no. There are a lot of amazing women in the world for my daughters to look up to and see as role models. Kamila Harris is not one of them.”

People aren’t upset with her for not liking Kamila, but are upset with the language she used when describing her.

She continued, “It blows my mind that out of all the amazing women in this world, that is the one who is making history.”

The term ‘coloured’ is considered an offensive word, audiences weren’t happy and felt uncomfortable with the Teen Mom star using it. This took place before she went off the radar, and took herself off of Instagram.

After receiving criticism for her statement, Mackenzie apologized to Cheyenne in a phone call, reports The Sun.

Why did Mackenzie delete her Instagram account and go ‘missing’?

After being slammed by cast members and the public for her questionable comments, fans noticed she had not only de-activated but deleted her Instagram account.

Her last post on Instagram was a reply to a fan asking where they could watch the spin off OG reunion series.

However, this conversation sparked yet another argument with co-stars, after Mackenzie made claims about MTV not inviting her to the Teen Mom reunion show.

This is believed to be the reason why she disappeared off the radar, saying she felt “hurt” and “didn’t deserve to be lied to” by MTV, which produces Teen Mom.

Fellow show star Maci McKinney also shared the news of Mackenzie going ‘missing’ but it is known that several of the MTV cast members share clickbait articles which have no evidence.

Maci defended Cheyenne

Cheyenne wasn’t the only cast member upset with Mackenzie’s comment, as Maci also had a lot to say.

During the time of the incident, Mackenzie tweeted, “Being left out because on girl hates me. Cool.”

The tweet was made referring to Cheyenne not liking Mackenzie. But Maci was quick to defend Cheyenne, saying, “As far as I’m concerned, you’re far too worried about how you’re portrayed to people than how you treat people.”

She continued to ask Mackenzie to unfollow her if she was to carry on the argument. Mackenzie’s account is still deleted at the time of writing.



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