MTV’s The Challenge has returned for its 38th season as The Challenge Ride Or Dies 2022. In this series contestants are paired up with a ‘ride or die’ and need to work together to win a share of the $1 million prize.

There are 17 teams competing, some veterans of the show and some coming from other reality shows such as Road Rules, Big Brother and Love Island.

With an eclectic mix of riders, it’s set to be a fierce and fun season!

Meet the Ride Or Die Contestants 2022

Amber Borzotra

Amber is a contestant from Big Brother 16.

As per MTV: “After a rookie season win, Amber had a tumultuous sophomore slump on The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies, going home early after a brutal elimination. This time she’s out to prove she’s the trustworthy and loyal player she says she is and, more importantly, that her rookie championship wasn’t a fluke.”

Amber is partnered with her rookie boyfriend, Chauncey.

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Chauncey Palmer

Chauncey is a 23-year-old influencer from Massachusetts. This is his first time appearing on The Challenge.

MTV describes him as a rookie who wants to make a name for himself despite his fear of heights. He knows he’s a physical powerhouse.

Analyse Talavera

Analyse is a 25-year-old Big Brother 21 contestant. She will be appearing on The Challenge for the first time after being one of 38 potential contestants quarantined for Double Agents and dropped from the cast before departure.

Her ‘ride or die’ is Tommy Bracco.

Tommy Bracco

Tommy is a 32-year-old New Yorker from Staten Island. He was a contestant on Big Brother 21 alongside partner Analyse.

Aneesa Ferreira

Aneesa is a veteran of The Challenge, boasting 30 wins. She was originally a cast member on The Real World: Chicago. She holds the record for the most Challenge seasons competed in by a female contestant – 16.

Her ‘ride or die’ is Jordan Wiseley.

Jordan Wiseley

Jordan is another veteran of the franchise with an impressive 21 daily wins. He was originally a cast member of The Real World: Portland.

Nany Gonzalez

Nany’s home town is Jamestown, New York. She has achieved a whopping 30 daily wins on The Challenge and was originally a cast member on The Real World: Las Vegas in 2011.

She is partnered with Jonny Devenanzio.

Jonny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio

Bananas is one of the all time greats. He has an astounding 62 wins under his belt and Ride Or Dies will be his 21st season of The Challenge.

Colleen Schneider

Colleen, from Cologne in Germany, is a newby who competed on The Mole Germany.

Her ‘ride or die’ is Kim Tränka.

Kim Tränka

Kim, also from Germany, is a contestant from Prince Charming 3

Veronica Portillo

Veronica comes into Ride Or Dies with 48 daily wins under her belt. She is a contestant from Road Rules: Semester At Sea

Her partner is Darrell Taylor.

Darrell Taylor

Darrell is another veteran Challenger, with 38 wins. He was originally a contestant in Road Rules: Campus Crawl.

Tori Deal

Tori has already achieved 19 daily wins in her Challenge career. She was originally a contestant in Are You The One? 4.

Her ‘ride or die’ is Devin Walker-Molaghan.

Devin Walker-Molaghan

Originally appearing on Are You The One? 3, Devin has nine daily wins and has competed in a number of Challenges already.

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Emmy Russ

Emmy is another German contestant taking on The Challenge Ride Or Dies. This is the start of her Challenge career but she has previously been on Beauty & The Nerd 2 and Celebrity Big Brother Germany 8.

She is partnered with Nam Vo.

Nam Vo

Nam has competed in three Challenges so far but has no wins. He appeared on Ultimate Beastmaster 1.

Moriah Jadea

Moriah is a 26-year-old influencer from Florida. She is a reality TV rookie.

Her ‘ride or die’ is Faysal Shafaat.

Faysal Shafaat

Faysal was a contestant on Big Brother 20 and American Ninja Warrior. He was a finalist on Total Madness and Double Agents and also competed in Spies, Lies & Allies.

Olivia Kaiser

Olivia is a contestant from Love Island USA 3. She is a rookie Challenger.

Her ‘ride or die’ is Horacio Gutiérrez.

Horacio Gutiérrez

Newbie Horacio is 26 years old and was a contestant from Exatlón Estados Unidos 5.

Laurel Stucky

Laurel already has 21 daily wins. She is from Detroit and is 37 years old.

Her partner is Jakk Maddox.

Jakk Maddox

Jakk appeared on Ex On The Beach: Peak Of Love. This is his Challenge debut.

Michele Fitzgerald

Michele was a contestant on Survivor: Kaôh Rōng. Ride Or Dies is her second Challenge series.

Her partner is Justin Starrett.

Justin ‘Jay’ Starrett

Jay was a contestant on Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X and Ex On The Beach 2. So far he has one daily win under his belt.

Ravyn Rochelle

Ravyn is a 25-year-old actress from Oklahoma. She is a rookie and is partnered with boyfriend Johnny Middlebrooks.

Johnny Middlebrooks

Johnny, also a Challenge rookie, was a contestant on Love Island USA 2.

Kailah Casillas-Bird

Kailah was a contestant on Real World: Go Big Or Go Home. She was a finalist on Vendettas and All Stars 3 and has competed in other Challenges.

Her ‘ride or die’ is Sam Bird.

Sam Bird

Sam was a contestant on Love Island season 4. He was coupled with Georgia Steel when they were dumped from the island. He is a Challenge newbie.

Kaycee Clark

Kaycee was a contestant on Big Brother 20. She has 14 daily wins under her belt and her ‘ride or die’ is her brother, Kenny Clark.

Kenny Clark

Kenny was brought on the show by Kaycee to be her Challenge partner.

Nurys Mateo

Nurys appeared on Are You The One? and Ex On The Beach. Her ‘ride or die’ is ex-flame Nelson Thomas.

Nelson Thomas

Nelson was a contestant on Are You The One? 3. He was a finalist on Invasion Of The Champions and Spies, Lies & Allies and competed on Rivals IIIDirty 30VendettasFinal ReckoningTotal Madness and Double Agents.

Tamara Alfaro

Tamara is a professional dancer from Los Angeles. She is partnered with boyfriend Turabi “Turbo” Çamkiran.

Turabi ‘Turbo’ Çamkiran

Turbai was a contestant on Survivor Turkey. He is champion of War Of The Worlds and competed on War Of The Worlds 2.



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