Meet True Love or True Lies 2019 winners Poppy and Parisa - "The perfect couple won"

When True Love or True Lies kicked off the 2019 series on Monday, October 21st, fans of the show knew they were in for a good series. Not only had Dani Dyer signed on as the show’s host but the prize but her father, Danny Dyer joined to provide the hilarious voice over. They’re a perfect presenting duo!

Eight new couples joined the series in its second helping. But who was genuine and who had the other couples fooled?

After two weeks of whittling down the contestants through games and quizzes, unearthing who were the liars, we reached the final on Tuesday, November 5th.

And the winning couple was genuine!

Here’s everything you need to know about the True Love or True Lies 2019 winners, Poppy and Parisa.

Screenshot: True Love or True Lies S2 E12 – MTV

Meet the Poppy and Parisa

Poppy Moran and Parisa Tarjomani are a couple who have been together for around two years. They met through social media, when they slid into each other’s DMs.

Poppy is 21-years-old and comes from Nottingham, while Parisa is a 25-year-old from Margate.

In ordinary life, Poppy and Parisa already have their relationship questioned. They say when they go out on the town, a lot of lads don’t believe they are a couple.

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True Love or True Lies 2019 final

In the final episode, Poppy and Parisa made it through to the end along with fake couples Chris and Emma, and Timothie and Mahatma.

But it was Poppy and Parisa who took home the mega £40k prize!

They wanted the prize money to explore fertility options and expand their family. Now that’s a deserving winner!

Fans were thrilled that they won, but the general attitude towards the winner was just ‘anyone but Chris and Emma’. Their fellow contestant Linford Martin Tweeted: “Well done to Poppy & Parisa! The perfect couple won and we’re so deserving!”


Follow the winners!

Poppy and Parisa are still as loved up as ever and if you want to keep up to date with them post-True Love or True Lies, be sure to follow them both on Instagram.

Parisa already has a blue tick and has over 114,000 followers but this is thanks to her singing career – and 2014 X Factor appearance – rather than from her MTV fans. Check her out @parisatarj.

You can also follow Poppy, who has just under 9,800 as of Wednesday, November 6th. Follow Poppy @poppymoran.




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