Mike Vasquez is no stranger to private yachts and glamorous cars, thanks to hanging out with his best friend Sam Logan. We see them enjoying their lavish lifestyles on MTV’s Siesta Key – but how much is Mike worth?

Picture sandy beaches and drinks flowing at a party, but you’re the one to turn up in a Ferrari with his mates. Well, that’s a similar arrival for Mike and Sam, who are often the life – and money – of the party.

One of the most popular pieces of advice out there is to surround yourself with likeminded people. For a start, we already know Sam Logan’s family are incredibly wealthy, but the focus has now switched to Mike’s fortune.

What does Mike Vasquez do for a living?

Mike has openly talked about “how crypto is” on Siesta Key, which shows that he mainly works in the currency industry to make money. Alongside being a cast member on the MTV series, he is also a musician, as per his Instagram bio.

Viewers have assumed that he “spends Sam’s money”, but this is mainly just because he is by his best friend’s side while Sam enjoys his lavish lifestyle. Mike specifically works in Fanverse, a a platform for creators to sell exclusive NFTs.

His IG bio previously stated that he has a masters of science in sports management, and worked in merchant services. The Liberty University alumni is also said to work at IMG Basketball Academy as a basketball coach and ambassador.

The Siesta Key star’s net worth

Mike has accumulated a $750 net worth over the years. Sam, however, is rich enough to have spent $4 million on a mansion with his own home gym, lift, ocean view, sauna and covered balcony overlooking the in-ground pool!

In 2019, E.W. Scripps Co earned a revenue of $1.42 billion. Given that 10% of $1 billion is $100 million, it’s safe to say that Sam Logan – who is a 10% owner in the business – has a personal net worth above $1 million.

The Logan family will have a much higher net worth in the multi-millions. Although Mike’s net worth hasn’t quite reached the heights of his bestie Sam’s fortune, that’s not to say he’s not well on his way there with crypto…

His luxurious party lifestyle

Mike has just as much of a glamorous lifestyle as his buddy Sam, and is no stranger to riding private jets. If he isn’t busy filming, he is vacationing it up with his girlfriend Lexi, or partying with the lads on yachts!

Just some of his Instagram posts feature Rolls Royces, boat parties, and glamorous events. The adventure seeker doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything, and has done everything from water skiing to extreme sports in the ocean.

Sam is usually lapping up the drinks with Mike, but he is often joined by just Lexi. Their date nights are a regular occurrence, which often involve music festivals, betting at race events and hitting up Miami Beach.

It’s safe to say that Mike seems pretty comfortable on the finance front, with or without Sam around!



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