This summer saw the return of Teen Mom UK to MTV for its sixth season. It also brought a new show into our lives, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant UK, with four new young mothers to feature.

But with the original Teen Mom UK and its spin-off both now over, fans of the reality series are patiently awaiting on when another instalment will land.

So, when can we expect Teen Mom UK season 7? It’s been officially confirmed by MTV and is not that far away…

Screenshot: Teen Mom UK S6 E8 – MTV

Teen Mom UK season 7 confirmed

After season 6 finished airing, Teen Mom UK’s Twitter account wrote “Season 6 was a great series, Don’t you agree? Who’s ready for Season 7?” Pretty much confirming that it would return.

They posted this on September 17th, 2019 just shy of a week after season 6’s final episode broadcast.

Then, on November 13th they posted another Tweet referencing the upcoming season. A lot is being left to desire though, MTV are giving nothing away!

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When would season 7 start?

The last season of Teen Mom UK drew to a conclusion on Wednesday, September 11th.

Since the show began back in 2016, MTV have released two series per year. One in the earlier half of the year and one in the latter. But although the start dates have varied by season, there has been roughly three or four months between each series release.

Taking this into account, along with season 6’s end date, we would anticipate Teen Mom UK season 7 to come to our screens from January 2020. 

Who will return for season 7?

We can safely assume that all the favourites from season 6 will return for the 2020 series. This includes Chloe Patton, Megan Salmon-Ferrari, Sassi Simmonds, Shannon Wise and, of course, Amber Butler.

Considering Amber has another baby since the last season, her second journey into motherhood would be a must-watch.

We always hope that some of the old cast mates will return, as Mia Boardman did as a guest back in season 5. However, it looks like this next season will just be sticking with the OGs.