MTV Cribs: Seven insane things Joey Essex actually owns in his house!

Who would’ve thought there would come a day that Cribs would have a resurgence?

The cult MTV series started airing in the US back in the year 2000 and allowed viewers to peer into the homes of their favourite celebrities and stars. And now the UK edition of the show has been revived for a whole new generation to enjoy!

The new series of MTV’s Cribs UK kicked off on Monday, August 19th and it is showcasing some of reality TV’s finest in their humble – or not so humble – abodes.

First up in episode 1 is TOWIE legend, Joey Essex. And boy does he have some rather wild things in his Crib.

Here are seven insane things Joey Essex actually owns from champagne candles to Lamborghinis!

Screenshot: MTV Cribs UK episode 1 – Joey Essex

Champagne candles

In Joey’s “posh room” what else could he have but Dom Perignon 2005 champagne scented candles?

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Who knows if these are actually effective or even smell nice but they were definitely hard to get a hold of. We scoured the internet and could not find a trace of Joey’s posh candles anywhere.

He definitely had to pull some strings to get this household item!

Screenshot: MTV Cribs UK episode 1 – Joey Essex

Supreme money gun

On the other hand, the Supreme money gun is something you can definitely get hold of.

The money cannon shoots out custom $1000 bills in its original format but Joey Essex has taken the liberty of replacing the fake money with real $100 bills.

And he shoots them out with such glee!

If you want to get your own Supreme money gun then you can find one on Amazon here.

Joey’s fridge

Taking a peek inside Joey’s fridge showed just how ridiculous and endearing the reality star can be.

The contents ranged from watermelons and avocados to four litres of Robinson’s squash and tequila.

And of course we couldn’t forget about the jade rollers and skincare items Joey keeps in the fridge! You can find yourself a jade roller just like Joey’s here.

Essex number plate

Joey proudly shows off his white Lamborghini which also is impressive, is not as insane as his number plate.

His sports car’s number plate reads ESS3X, so if you see him zooming around you’ll surely know it’s Joey.

We guess you never can forget where you came from…

Screenshot: MTV Cribs UK episode 1 – Joey Essex

Pencil hat

There were plenty of ridiculous items in Joey’s house to be singled out as the most ridiculous. But there was one standout item which left us scratching our heads over why Joey would ever want it: A pencil hat.

Joey’s hat collection was odd enough with the cowboy hat and the yellow cap but the pencil hat took centre stage as the more bizarre.

The visor has a pencil attached to it and Joey says he needs it “just in case I need to write something down.”

Screenshot: MTV Cribs UK episode 1 – Joey Essex

45 white t-shirts

You might wonder who would ever need 45 white t-shirts? Joey Essex, that’s who.

There were many lavish things about Joey’s wardrobe but his excessive amount of white t-shirts was definitely one of the most insane aspects.

Joey rather misguidedly attempted to count all of his white t-shirts in his wardrobe and got a bit lost on the way. But he ended up with a total of 45 white t-shirts which he described as “naughty init?”

Beach club

The beach club and bar definitely takes pride of place in Joey’s Crib and is where all the real action in the house goes down.

From a massive pool and hot tub to a bar stocked with Grey Goose and champagne, this beach club definitely takes its inspiration from some of Ibiza’s best.

And although the grey skies of Essex might not rival sunny Spain, Joey will throw a party at his own ‘Pearla’ beach club come rain or shine.

Joey even has his own wristbands printed for the party!

Screenshot: MTV Cribs UK episode 1 – Joey Essex




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