MTV Cribs: Why didn't Gemma Collins film in her house? Where is she moving?

MTV Cribs UK has relaunched in 2019, bringing viewers into the homes of some of our favourite new reality stars and TV celebs.

So far we’ve peered into the Cribs of TOWIE legends Joey Essex, Yaz and Lockie, as well as Love Island’s cutest couple (maybe ever) Olivia and Alex.

And finally, the queen of reality TV, the GC herself, has landed on Cribs.

But in episode 5 (Monday, September 16th), Gemma Collins showed viewers around her clothing boutique in Brentwood rather than her actual house.

So, why didn’t they film in her real crib? What’s happening with GC’s new house?

Screenshot: MTV Cribs UK E5 – MTV

Gemma’s Brentwood boutique

The 38-year-old reality star took viewers into her clothing boutique in Brentford, Essex.

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As Gemma has her own TV show, Diva Forever, fans of hers will know this location well already.

She showed all how it runs behind the scenes, all the way down to her Hello Kitty calculator where she adds up the business’s sums!

GC said in the episode: “What I love about this place is that it is kind of home for me… and if ever I go skint or life takes a turn for the worst, you’ll find me sleeping here on my pink fluffy carpet.”

What could be more Gemma Collins than the Gemma Collins Boutique? Pink, leopard print, glitter and flamingoes… it’s GC down to a T.

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Screenshot: MTV Cribs UK E5 – MTV

GC goes furniture shopping

Gemma explains that she got her love for interior decorating and design from her mother, Joan Collins.

With that keen eye for design, Gemma takes viewers around one of her favourite furniture shops looking for stuff to kit out her “new crib.” The shop is Tides Home & Garden on Brentwood’s High Street.

Some of the particularly fabulous items Gemma picks out included a ‘G’ lamp, a portrait of Marilyn Monroe and some rather sparkly cushions. She has a particular aesthetic, doesn’t she?

But, as Gemma went furniture shopping, it resulted in many viewers questioning what was happening with her new house and where she was moving to.

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Screenshot: MTV Cribs UK E5 – MTV

Why didn’t they film in Gemma’s real crib?

In the episode, Gemma noted that she was “between cribs at the minute.”

It was only back in January 2019 that Gemma was flaunting her new Brentwood pad all over her Instagram, but news has hit that she’s upended her Essex life for one in the British countryside.

Speaking to the Daily Star about why she did not film in her real house, Gemma said: “I was in the process of moving at the time so I didn’t actually have a humble abode.”

Not much is known about where Gemma has actually moved, but she’s expressed that since moving to the countryside she has got in touch with nature and found her green thumb.

In another interview with The Sun, Gemma revealed that she has ambitions to become the next Charlie Dimmock!

Gemma said:

I can’t tell you how calm I am around plants and nature. My new obsession is buying bird food and I love to watch the birds come and feed. It’s very calming and it’s very good for my soul here.

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