The Challenge has seen an incredible 36 seasons so far but which players have been banned from the MTV series? And why?

The MTV series returned for its 36th series last year.

Called The Challenge: Double Agents, the MTV programme has returned with a bunch of familiar faces and brand new challenges.

The series features alumni of MTV celebrities and reality show stars who embark on one of their toughest journeys yet. Every year, the show tests contestants’ mental and physical capabilities to a breaking point, but only the best of them will make it to the finale.

But did you know there are several celebs who have been banned from The Challenge?

Which players were banned from The Challenge?

These are some of the players that are known to have been banned or have exited the series for a particular reason.

  • Camila Nakagawa
  • Dee Nguyen
  • Kenny Santucci
  • Evan Starkman
  • Tonya Cooley
  • Nia Moore


Camila found herself in controversy after she and her partner Tony Raines got into an argument in Rivals III, CheatSheet has reported.

The publication adds that Camila was disqualified after stealing a golf cart and assaulting a crew member during her appearance in Champs vs. Stars.

According to E! News, Camila has been banned from appearing in future seasons of The Challenge. Her Rivals II partner Jemmye, confirmed it in an interview with Trishelle Cannatella.

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The Challenge fired Dee Nguyen following comments she made about the Black Lives Matter movement last year.

In a statement, bosses of the MTV series confirmed they have “severed ties” with Dee who received backlash from social media users over BLM remarks.

Kenny, Evan and Tonya

Kenny, Evan and Tonya left the franchise following one of the biggest controversies on the MTV programme.

Tonya alleged that she was raped by her Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins castmates Kenny and Evan.

The lawsuit was settled in an out-of-court settlement but details of the deal have never been made public.


Nia left The Challenge after she physically and verbally harassed her castmate Jordan Wiseley.

Jordan said during an episode on the show: “There is a fine line between calling someone names and then there’s crossing that line and actually physically grabbing and touching somebody and I mean, let’s face it, we can’t touch you. So don’t touch me, at all.”

At the time, Nia released a lengthy apology on her Instagram profile, saying that she was “sad, embarrassed and fearful of how my actions would be perceived later”.


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