Just weeks after Sammi announced her return to Jersey Shore, Ronnie made a surprise return to the show in 2023, with some news about his daughter’s custody, and fans are eager to know whether he’ll be returning for good alongside his ex.

Jersey Shore broke fans’ hearts when it ended on MTV back in 2012, but made up for it when they returned for a Vacation spin-off in 2018. However, the full original cast hasn’t all filmed together since the end of the original series.

Sammi made her shock return announcement just weeks before Ron made his brief return to the show to give fans an update on his life and of course, fans are eager for the whole gang to get back together again.

We take a closer look into what update Ronnie gave fans, and if there are any hints of a full return with the rest of the cast.

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Ronnie makes his surprise Jersey Shore ‘return’

Just weeks after his ex-Sammi announced her return, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro made his return to the show after leaving two years ago. The star left the show in order to focus on mental health issues.

Ronnie wasn’t the only surprise addition to the latest Jersey Shore episode. In fact, he also brought his four-year-old daughter Ariana on screen with him.

The 37-year-old announced that he had now gained full custody of his daughter, and will now be moving to Miami. “I feel like I needed a change of scenery and just a change of pace in my life,” Ronnie said in a confessional as he was shown meeting with a real estate agent.

His move wasn’t the only change Ronnie has made. It seems like his work in the T-Shirt store paid off, as he’s now opening his own. “I’m opening up a new business, a sneaker store,” Ortiz-Magro revealed. “It’s just something that’s always been a passion of mine.”

It wasn’t the star’s first return since leaving

Although Ronnie’s ‘return’ came as a pleasant surprise to fans, it’s not the first time he’s made an appearance since he parted ways with the show.

In season 5, we saw him sit down with Mike Sorrentino. The Situation told Ronnie he needed to apologize to the rest of the cast individually. Whether he did this or not is unclear, as we haven’t yet seen him sit down with the rest of the Jersey Shore gang.

The announcement that Ronnie would be stepping away from Jersey Shore came in May 2021, just a month after his arrest for a domestic violence case, however, he was taken into custody and later released. Ronnie was never charged for the incident.

Ronnie’s future on the Shore is uncertain

At the moment, Ronnie has made no announcement of his permanent return to Jersey Shore. Of course, it’s every Jersey Shore fan’s dream to have him and Sammi back on the same show, something that was unthinkable barely a month ago.

Although he hasn’t sat down with the rest of his cast mates on camera since his departure, from his Instagram, it seems like Magro still thinks fondly of the show as he often posts throwbacks on his Instagram.

Fans have been eager for his return for a while, taking to the comments ‘begging’ him to return. “Bring Ronnie and Sammie back!!!!!!! It’s the only thing that will save this show,” wrote one.

“Get back on jersey shore!!,” commented another.

We and all the other Jersey Shore fans have our fingers crossed for the return of Ronnie and Sammi in 2023.

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