Teen Mom UK: Sassi Simmonds explains season 7 absence - why did she leave?

Teen Mom UK: Sassi Simmonds explains season 7 absence - why did she leave?

Teen Mom UK returned to MTV on Wednesday, April 1st for its seventh season to date.

Viewers caught up with some of the OG cast members, Megan Salmon Ferrari, Amber Butler and Chloe Patton, as they continued their motherhood journeys. There is also a newbie mum on the scene, as Emma Finch joins the cast for season 7.

But two cast members from the previous seasons were noticeably absent: Sassi Simmonds and Shannon Wise.

So, what happened to these two? Why aren’t Sassi and Shannon on Teen Mom UK anymore? We’ve looked into what Sassi is up to now to figure out what’s happened.

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Sassi on Teen Mom UK

Sassi Simmonds joined Teen Mom UK back in season 2 (2017).

For the past four seasons that she has starred on the show, her up and down relationship with Darren Quirk has been at the centre of the drama.

Sassi has been rushing around for the past few seasons, attempting to balance her complicated love life, being a mother to Zena’ya and her job as a lash technician.

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What happened to Sassi?

It would seem there is no bad blood between neither Sassi nor Shannon and the Teen Mom UK crew. Both girls revealed to MTV crews that they would be taking a break from filming.

Sassi said:

I’ll be taking a break from the series Teen Mom UK. I wish all the girls all the best for the series and I just want to let you all know that I’m so grateful for all your ongoing love and support.

The family’s well and we’re just doing us for the time being and hopefully you’ll see my face again soon.

Keep up to date with Sassi Simmonds

While Sassi is off the show, many are hoping to keep up to date with what the Teen Mom UK star gets up to. The best place to find out how Sassi and baby Zena’ya are is to follow Sassi on Instagram.

Given her success on the MTV reality series, Sassi has over 250,000 followers.

You can follow Sassi under the Insta handle @sassi_simmonds.




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