Love Island-turned-The Challenge contestant Shannon St. Clair appears to be very short. So when she claimed her body “wasn’t physically ready” for the gruesome tasks on the reality TV competition, viewers were confused.

As of the smaller competitors in terms of height, she has definitely been giving the difficult challenges her all. And during the recent game on July 27th, Shannon’s co-stars looked significantly taller than her.

Fans are now questioning her height as she continues to represent Love Island in the Argentina-based series. So just what are the exact measurements of Shannon? She confirmed her height to Reality Titbit.

Love Island
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Fans react to Shannon on The Challenge

When Shannon claimed she wasn’t physically ready to participate on The Challenge, viewers certainly had their say on social media. Fans weren’t too impressed about the fact she didn’t prepare her body for the enduring tasks.

A viewer wrote: “Why would #Shannon from #loveisland go on #TheChallenge and complain about not being physically ready?!?! This is why I don’t like for contestants to be on that show if they never did anything physical!

However, many loved Shannon’s hilarious behaviour. One reacted: “Not Shannon scaling the side of a building but still getting a good look at her reflection, love her #thechallenge.”

“Shannon was complaining about her shoulders hurting from a few pushups. You can change your attitude but not your muscle structure (overnight) #TheChallenge,” penned a Twitter user.

Shannon St. Clair’s height

Shannon, 26, confirmed exclusively to Reality Titbit that she is 5 ft 1 in height. During her Love Island stint, she said that she is “not here to be fooled by a short guy”, before she left the villa with Josh Goldstein, who stands at 5 ft 10.

Although several sources claim she is taller than 5 ft 7, fans were convinced she is shorter than 5 ft 5 due to her own comments regarding how small she is. A Reddit thread discussing the 2021 islanders sees many make guesses.

One fan wrote: “I thought she was 5’2 just based off of Josh and her height difference with him.” The former cheerleader has had fans thinking she is 5 ft 1 or 5 ft 2 for a while – and they are correct!

Shannon and Josh split in June

After almost a year of dating, Shannon and now ex-boyfriend Josh Goldstein called quits on their relationship in June 2022. They began their romance on Love Island USA season 3, before she relocated to be closer to him in Florida.

They abruptly left the show together less than a month after the 2021 season began, due to Josh’s sister passing away. Shannon and Josh announced their split just over a month ago and wrote, as per US Weekly:

We will always love and care for one another and remain friends, but unfortunately at this time we’ve made the decision to go our separate ways. There is no bad blood between us.

She added: “The people closest to us know we rarely had arguments. We are literally best friends, so we both want to see each other succeed and be happy, always.

“We will continue to support one another and thrive independently, and we encourage you all to do the same. … We don’t know what the future holds, and this may not be goodbye forever, but for now, it’s best for both of us ❤️.”



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