16 And Pregnant: Who is Shelby's baby daddy AJ?

Shelby’s story features on MTV’s 16 And Pregnant, which has led to several spin-offs, including Teen Mom. Who is her baby daddy AJ?

The recent episode focused on Shelby, who is amongst several teenage girls on the MTV series, as they attend high school while pregnant.

She mentioned her baby daddy AJ when telling her story, which led fans to wonder exactly who her daughter Alaya’s father is.

So, who is Shelby’s baby daddy AJ? What happened between them?

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Who is Shelby on 16 & Pregnant?

Shelby is an 18-year-old from Springfield, Illinois, who recently gave birth to her daughter Alaya.

She loves hanging out with her friends, making YouTube videos and taking pictures for social media. Currently, she is single.

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The 16 & Pregnant star lives with her mom, siblings and dog, and says she knows she is lucky to have them supporting her.

Shelby has thought about joining the military in the past, but reveals she has never been sure about what she wants to do with her life.

In high school, she was homecoming court, but at the end of her junior year, got caught up in relationships with ex-boyfriends.

She ended up dropping out of school and started working full-time at Walmart, and got her GEB.

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Shelby opens up about Alaya’s father

Shelby was on-and-off with one of her exes ever since she was 15.

She says she met AJ on social media as he had been trying to talk to her for a while, and she “finally gave in”.

The 16 & Pregnant star revealed their relationship was “toxic”, but said he was the one person who she kept finding herself going back to.

During one of their break-ups, Shelby said she found out he was with someone else and that she was pregnant.

One night, he ended up calling her and telling her he had broken up with his girlfriend, which led to them hooking up one more time.

She later found out that he was still with the other girl, which means he may be about to become a father-of-two.

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Who is Shelby’s baby daddy AJ?

We looked through Shelby’s Facebook friends, and the closest potential baby daddy on her list might be AJ Nossem, who lives in her home town.

He went to the same Springfield High School, like Shelby, but it is not confirmed that he is Shelby’s baby daddy.

Plus, she has other friends called AJ, including AJ Griffin and AJ Roberts. It’s also possible she might not be friends with her baby daddy on Facebook.

Shelby says he is “fun”, but added that he plays too much and “lies a lot”. Her mom added that he is a good kid who has “made mistakes”.

He currently has a 7-month-old baby with another woman, who Shelby’s daughter Alaya has recently met.

Shelby has revealed that he helps out with their child “here and there”.



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