Brandon Gomes on Siesta Key: Nationality, ethnicity and family explored

Siesta Key has returned to MTV this summer 2020 for its third and juiciest season to date.

The reality series, which takes its inspiration from the early ’00s hit Laguna Beach, follows the lives and loves of a group of young adults spending their summer at the glitzy Siesta Key. This is an island off the coast of Florida, set in the Gulf of Mexico. Sounds like the perfect place for summer, right?

One of the core cast members throughout seasons 1 to 3 is Brandon Gomes.

Despite the fact Brandon has now been on our screens since 2017, fans are still desperate to know more about him, his background and his family. So, we’ve done some digging to find out about Brandon’s nationality and his family’s heritage. Read on to find out.

Brandon Gomes on Siesta Key

Brandon Gomes was born on April 27th, 1995 making him 25 years old. His hometown is in Sarasota, Florida

On the show, Brandon was dating fellow cast member Madisson Hausburg. Their relationship came to an end, and this third season has seen Madisson introduce the cast (and Brandon) to her new boyfriend Ish. This became a point of conflict this series, as Ish was their old boss from MTV. Ish worked on Siesta Key season 1. Brandon is now dating Camilla Cattaneo.

Before he became a reality star, Brandon was modelling. He continues to pursue his modelling career while on the show.

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What is Brandon Gomes’s nationality?

Brandon Gomes is American.

In Brandon’s Instagram bio, he has an American flag. But he also has the flag of Cape Verde. Cape Verde is an island country off the coast of West Africa. The official language in Cape Verde is Portuguese.

Brandon Gomes’s nationality is American but it is likely that some of his family are from Cape Verde. His ethnicity, then, could be African or Portuguese.

Who is Brandon’s dad?

Brandon’s dad has appeared in Siesta Key numerous times; he’s no stranger to the show. His father’s name is Anthony “Tony” Gomes.

Tony, 57, is the founder and CEO of Advanced Wealth Management, LLC. This Florida-based investment advisory firm has been running since January 2004. Before then, Tony worked in marketing and investment management. Tony lead Tropicana’s marketing from 1988 to 1998. 

Before then, from 1981 to 1987, Tony had served in the National Guard at Fort Benning, Georgia.




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