Did Camilla from Siesta Key get a nose job? Plastic surgery rumors debunked

Siesta Key is not only the name of the barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Sarasota, Florida, but it is also the name of a popular MTV reality show.

Siesta Key is a series that follows seven young adults who spend the summer together on the island drinking, boating, and partying, of course.

The show has been on air since 2017 and now has returned for its latest season. This time around, there is as much drama as you would want and expect from a reality television series. Cast member Camilla Cattaneo is one for helping to make the show interesting. Especially as rumors – that could turn out to be facts – that Camilla has a new nose job are circling on the internet.

Who is Camilla from Siesta Key?

Camilla Cattaneo is a reality television star. Fans liked her so much that she came back as a cast member on Siesta Key for the current season. She has been in a relationship with fellow cast member, Brandon Gomes, for 2 years now. The two have been in plenty of arguments, but still stay together in the end.

Camilla is quite the traveler. She has been to Milan and other parts of Italy more than once. And as a fun fact, Camilla has a white Tesla.

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Did Camilla get a nose job

Reddit is a great social media platform to start rumors of famous celebrities or keep them going until the celebs themselves start to believe it’s true. Camilla Cattaneo is reddit’s next victim.

A user posted a comment about Camilla’s face looking a little off. They suggested that she got a nose job or had work done to her jaw. Others replied to the user’s comment with other accusations of Camilla surgically altering her face.


Another user wrote that Camilla posted on her Twitter about never getting a nose job, but the user claims that she may have had something subtle done. Other users agreed.  Although there are accusations of her getting a nose job, there isn’t any proof of this to be true. Camilla has not confirmed that she has had plastic surgery and that her nose is the same.




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