How old is Ish from Siesta Key? Fans still can't get over age gap

Romantic relationships always bring their fair share of drama to Siesta Key, but this season has seen one of the most talked-about relationships to date. 

The third season of Siesta Key kicked off on MTV back in January 2020. The first half of season 3 concluded in March and then episodes resumed in June 2020.

This season sees the return of some of our favourite stars such as Juliette Porter and Chloe Trautman but it also introduces viewers to new faces such as Sam Logan and the return of Ish.

Ish, who is a producer on the MTV reality series, is now in a relationship with Maddison Hausberg. This has led viewers – and Maddison’s parents – to question how old Ish really is. Find out about his age here.

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Who is Ish from Siesta Key?

Ismael “Ish” Soto is a TV producer and assistant director who has been working in the industry since 2003.

His first credit on a series, according to his IMDb profile, is as a segment producer on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Other shows Ish has worked on over the years include Big Brother: USAKitchen Nightmares, and Scream Queens.


Siesta Key fans will be well aware that Ish worked on the series, as that is how he met Maddison. Other Siesta Key cast members, such as Maddison’s ex Brandon Gomes, have expressed they find the relationship between the young reality star and her former producer rather unconventional. Ish was a co-executive producer on the show from 2017 to 2018.

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How old is Ish?

Ish Soto is 46 years old. Ish is born on September 11th, meaning that he will be turning 47 this September. This means that Ish is born in 1973.

The age gap between Ish and his girlfriend Maddison has been the subject of discussion on Siesta Key. Maddison is born on February 22nd, 1994 meaning she is currently 25 years old. This makes her over twenty years younger than Ish.

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Ish and Maddison on Siesta Key

Despite the cast’s reservations about Ish and Maddison getting together, they are happily together – talk of marriage is even on the cards!

Speaking to E!, Maddison said:

I get it. It’s a big age difference but I would hope that after everyone initially judges it, will come around and see it’s a real relationship with real feelings and he is good to me. It’s a healthy relationship.

Although Maddison and Ish are happy, fans are yet to get over the age gap, with many calling it “weird” online.




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