Siesta Key: Is Juliette kicked off the show? Drama explored!

Siesta Key star Juliette Porter has recently been involved in some onscreen drama and viewers are speculating that she could be kicked off the show…

Keep reading as we explore the recent incidents on MTV’s reality show as well as rumours surrounding Juliettes supposed departure, Twitter reactions and more!

Siesta Key (Season 4) Trailer | MTV

Siesta Key (Season 4) Trailer | MTV

What happened on Siesta Key?

Episode seven of MTV’s Siesta Key saw the tension that has built up between former friends Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens explode in a fight.

Juliette had invited Kelsey to join her and her partner, Sam, on the island and when Kelsey used the opportunity to create promotion content surrounding her swimwear brand, Porter was not happy as a fellow swim line owner.

After Juliette splashed wine at Kelsey, she followed up with a slap that left her bleeding slightly.

Thankfully, Juliette had invited her entrepreneurial friend Serena Kerrigan who used maturity to somewhat resolve the situation.

Upon the premiere of the drama-filled episode, @thekelseyowens took to Instagram with a statement of regret.

Kelsey admitting that she is not proud of how the majority of the cast acted, including herself.

A reality TV enthusiast named @anicahuyser summarised the episode’s incidents over on TikTok.

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Kelsey and Cara then began to unexpectedly bond over their common enemy, Juliette.

Speculations suggest Juliette is kicked off the show

To many viewers shock and to other’s delight, Juliette then left the island.

@anicahuyser expressed her shock and assumed that the producers of the show possibly made her leave.

As Juliette usually narrates the show, Kelsey then overtook the narration role.

In the comment section of the Siesta Key recap, @kaylam067 expressed their hope that Juliette will return as narrator, to which the TikTok creator responded and placed their bets that Porter will be back.

Screenshot: @anicahuyser TikTok comments

More speculations lie within the comments…

@erinhumfleet took to the comment section with the statement:

“Hopefully Jules comes back because this episode was boring w/o her but I don’t think she’s in next week’s episode either.”

Assuming that the producers did make Juliette leave the island, @lindseybrown1 pointed out that they had previously allowed another cast member to stay after inflicting violence:

“They made her leave after a slap but let Amanda stay around when she punched Chloe”

Keep scrolling to find out what Twitter fans have to say!

Twitter reacts to the feud

Some Siesta Key fans refuse to take Juliette’s side and voice their opinion that she should be kicked off the MTV show.

Another user referred to another incident to imply that she should be removed from the show.

Similar views were also shared on the platform regarding Juliette’s behaviour.

Stay updated with the drama on MTV’s Siesta Key.

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