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Six most incredible Catfish reveals that made us desperate to reel in more episodes

Catfish: The TV Show is known for its shocking and horrific reveals, which mainly occurs when online relationships are formed to discover that the person on the other end of the screen is not who they expected.

From Keyonnah and Bow Wow to that awkward Katy Perry episode, investigators and hosts Nev and Kamie put their best skills into practice and do everything they can to track down the suspected online Catfish.

Rarely (yes, it does happen), the two people communicating virtually are being genuine. However, the majority of the time, it turns out that one of them is completely different to who they claimed their identity was.

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YO! MTV Raps | Official Trailer | Paramount+

YO! MTV Raps | Official Trailer | Paramount+

Keyonnah and Bow Wow

Keyonnah thought she was dating Bow Wow for four months after meeting online through a ‘fan site’. The then-19-year-old was so deep into their relationship that she was prepared to start a family with him.

She admitted that she also questioned whether the online messages, texts and phone calls were actually from the rapper, but was convinced when she received a money order for $10K from the Bow Wow impersonator.

Nev and Max took Keyonnah to Atlanta to meet ‘Bow Wow’ in person, where she came face-to-face with someone she didn’t expect to see. The person posing as the rapper was actually Dee Pimpin, who has appeared more than once.

The shocking ‘Katy Perry’ reveal

Spencer Morill thought he was dating singer Katy Perry for six years. He was Catfished by a woman called Harriet, 18, from Gloucester, who happened to know a lot of details about the Fireworks singer due to being a fan.

He thought he had been exchanging emails and texts with the pop star on a regular basis and even made her an engagement ring which cost him “25 per cent” of his savings. Even when he found out the truth, he needed convincing.

Since then, Katy Perry has actually reacted to the episode and told The Morning Mash Up on SirusXM:

My heart goes out to him actually because anybody that’s been fooled like that or just, you know, people have dreams, and people live in different parts of the world where not everything is always so accessible. I felt bad for him, and so I didn’t really like to indulge in that.

Paris and Chris Andersen

Aspiring model Paris and NBA player Chris Andersen were victims of a Catfishing scandal, in which they thought they were exchanging romantic messages with one another – which was later discovered to be the work of Shelly Chartier.

Paris, who was 17 at the time of being a victim, shared selfies with a fake number, while Chris done the same. Shelly also made a false account under the name Tom Taylor, claiming to be the NBA player’s best friend.

However, the real Chris Andersen ended up picking her up from an airport, in which they shared a weekend together. It comes after Shelly made false accounts for both of them and was really the person behind the scheme.

Paris has moved on from the well-known MTV story and found love with 76-year-old musician Don McLean.

The MGK set-up

Machine Gun Kelly made his Catfish debut in 2012 – Season 4, Episode 18 to be specific. He was part of the iconic episode following Hundra and Emily. In the show, Hundra had discovered she liked girls and had been talking to Emily.

The pair claimed they had been chatting for several months. But Hundra hadn’t met her face-to-face face and hired Nev to help. The episode ended with the shocking discovery that Emily and Hundra were actually Geryln and Melanie.

They set up Nev and MGK with a fake storyline in order to get on the show, as they were big fans. Before he realised it was a set-up, he told Hundra what he was thinking after Hundra rejected Emily, saying she was acting “ignorantly”.

Courtney and Chris

Courtney turned to the investigators to reveal she had fallen in love with a Turkey-based man, Chris, via a role play game on Facebook. After meeting online, it wasn’t long before they ended up in a relationship.

He sent her a cosplay picture of himself, the only photo she saw with his face, and another image of him in a mask. With only one real photo, one real phone call between them, and $1,000 as a gift, Courtney hoped he was real.

They had been together for three years. Courtney also revealed that she and Chris were engaged in 2018, and that he he asked her to marry him through an anime drawing. Despite concern, Chris, 22, actually turned out to be real!

However, when it was time for them to officially meet in person, Chris asked Courtney not to come. The pair ended up speaking to each other on Zoom, where they opened up about their connection virtually.

Tyler and Stefany

Tyler and Stefany had been speaking to each other online for two years. After chatting on a video site, Tyler revealed he fell in love with Stefany Dunngar, who he shared every detail about his life with.

Kamie and Nev found there was a woman called Stefany Dunngar, aged 35, living in Florida, whose photos she had sent Tyler were on several porn sites – with some dating back to 2014. She agreed to video call Tyler.

When they spoke, she appeared to look completely different from the photos she had sent, which were copied from a Facebook profile. It was later discovered that Stefanny appears to be married.

He was devastated that she had lied to him about her appearance for two years, and said he needed time to think. Although Stefany gave him the space he wanted, it was later revealed that he decided to end things with her.



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