Has Teen Mom 2 been cancelled? Rumours swirl as MTV show's ratings fall

Fans are starting to fear that Teen Mom 2 is cancelled, following reports that state the MTV show’s ratings have fallen.

With some cast members not returning, rumours are starting to swirl – and now questions about whether it will make a comeback are on the rise.

The 16 & Pregnant spin-off sees Chelsea, Jenelle, Kailyn and Leah take on mum life while graduating, going through relationships, getting a job, beginning college and moving out on their own.

But has Teen Mom 2 actually been cancelled? Here’s all you need to know!

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Why do fans think Teen Mom 2 is cancelled?

  • Jenelle Evans was fired and Chelsea Houska is quitting

Viewers were led to believe there might barely be a show left, with half the mums no longer starring on Teen Mom 2.

Chelsea announced that she was quitting the series on her Instagram.

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The ratings for the MTV show have also reportedly been the lowest they have ever been, according to heavy.com.

Back in March, Teen Mom OG was cancelled due to the global pandemic, which usually comes back on screens two weeks after Teen Mom 2.

Why have Jenelle and Chelsea left?

Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom 2 after her husband David reportedly shot and killed their dog in April, 2019.

As reported by The Sun, Jenelle and David claimed that the show’s production team were afraid to work with her husband, and would ask not to go to their house.

Chelsea, on the other hand, announced her departure on November 10.

While the cast filmed from their homes, Chelsea made her announcement to the other girls. A source told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup:

Chelsea told everyone that she has decided that it’s best for her family if they move on from the show, and that it was a really hard decision, but that she feels like a weight has been lifted from her shoulder. The girls were all supportive of her decision, but no one else announced that they were leaving.

Has Teen Mom 2 been cancelled?

  • At the time of writing, Teen Mom 2 has not been cancelled

The series is currently being aired, with an upcoming episode set to show Leah getting ready to have a conversation with Corey about her past.

Kailyn will be seen starting a new podcast with Vee, while she takes on remote learning, as shown on Tuesday’s episode (December 16th).

MTV has not made any announcements which state they are planning to cancel Teen Mom 2.



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