Leah and Corey were one of the main couples Teen Mom 2, which has recently launched on Netflix. So are they still married?

Cameras showcase the reality of what it’s really like for four mums to fall pregnant and go through the first steps of motherhood.

The series follows the journey of Leah and Corey, as they take on life as new parents to their twin daughters Aliannah and Aleeah.

So are Leah and Corey still married? What happened to the couple?

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Leah and Corey: Relationship timeline

After they had a baby, Leah juggled trying to graduate, maintain her relationship with Corey and be a mum.

They initially split up in 2010 as Leah didn’t know what she wanted in their relationship, which is when she started seeing her ex-boyfriend Robbie.

However, Leah and Corey got back together, and engaged later that year.

They got married in October 2010, before the twin’s first birthday.

Six months later, she admitted she had been unfaithful to him 2 weeks before their wedding.

Are Leah and Corey still married?

  • No

After admitting she had cheated, Leah and Corey divorced in June 2011.

Leah filed for divorce to protect her custody rights over their daughters.

She then moved her stuff out of Corey’s house whilst he arranged visitation.

Their divorce was finalised at the start of Teen Mom 2 season 3.

Did Leah or Corey remarry?

  • Yes

In August 2011, Leah got married to Jeremy Calvert.

They had a daughter Adalynn in 2013, however the couple divorced in 2015.

Corey married Miranda Simms in 2013, who he had daughter Remi with.



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