Teen Mom Family Reunion star Bobby Scott was dumped, as revealed on the November 29 episode. Briana DeJesus called time on their relationship, but he had links to MTV before the star as their former security officer.

We were first introduced to Bobby on the Family Reunion spin-off, but it was on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter that Briana revealed why she broke up with him. “I just want my partner to show that they’re there,” she confessed.

Recent episodes showed Briana telling Bobby that she needs space, despite already living in Florida and Detroit. After sending a text message, the two met up after three weeks of no contact – when she told him their relationship is over.

So, who exactly is Bobby, and what was his former security officer role with MTV? Let’s get to know his career background and find out all about his previous job at the network.

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Who is Bobby Scott?

Bobby, 42, is a single parent like Briana. He currently lives in Detroit, Michigan, and was introduced by Briana to her fans in an intimate video where she is heard saying, “My baby,” while caressing the back of a man’s head.

He made his Teen Mom debut on the October 18, 2022, episode. However, in August, Briana and Bobby started dating but maintained that she wanted to keep the relationship private in an E! interview. She said:

I don’t want another failed relationship so I kept this one near to my heart until I was sure and ready. This is like my first real mature relationship that I’ve ever really experienced. This is a grown man. This is not a little boy.

Bobby quickly became a fan favorite during his appearance but is not expected to appear in any future episodes following their breakup. During a Q&A on Instagram, she shared that they haven’t had any communication since then.

Bobby on Teen Mom Family Reunion

Bobby and Briana met while she was filming Teen Mom. She has since called it quits with him, having sent him a text message and not heard from him for three weeks before they met up to discuss their relationship. She told him:

I think it takes two to make a relationship work and both of us are not putting in the work. Maybe I’m asking for too much with the wrong person. If I’m depressed or sad, I just want my partner to show that they’re there.

He told Briana that he felt he was honoring her wishes by giving her space, but she responded: “I’m not happy in this relationship right now. In my eyes, I think we are over.”

Earlier scenes showed him helping move furniture into her new place, driving the Teen Mom star, and taking Briana on dates. He often called her “Bella” as a nickname when they would FaceTime each other.

Briana’s ex worked for MTV

Bobby was a security officer for MTV’s Teen Mom before he began dating Briana. They met during a reunion special in San Diego when Bobby worked as a bodyguard for Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra, Distractify reports.

According to The Sun, Bobby was employed as a security guard for the show but was allegedly let go from MTV after his relationship with Briana was discovered. He often worked during Catelynn and Maci Bookout’s shoots.



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