Farrah Abraham has seriously switched up her life since finding fame on 16 and Pregnant. She now attends parties with her daughter, who we watched grow up on the MTV series, and recently began selling her own poop slime.

The reality TV personality officially decided to cut ties with the show recently, despite having been booted off the series in 2017. She has made a few appearances since she was reportedly fired due to her adult entertainment work.

However, her fame all began in 2009, when she shared her journey as a young mother while bringing up daughter Sophie. She was later cast in spin-off series Teen Mom, and appeared in each of its four seasons until 2012.

Today (May 31 2022) is Farrah’s 31st birthday, marking 12 years since her initial launch to fame as a new mom. We’re celebrating her life over the years, and looked into all the fun she’s been up to since her MTV debut.

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Farrah’s success since MTV fame

Farrah is now something of a social media superstar with 2.5m followers on Instagram (@farrahabraham). Her daughter, Sophia, also has her own IG account with over 620k followers (@sophialabraham).

The mom went on to appear on Teen MomCelebrity Big Brother and Ex On The Beach. Farrah has now accumulated a $1million net worth for herself, and sells her own merch, including poop slime with her face on the packaging.

Holding the title of a New York Times best-selling author, Farrah has also been studying law recently. A woman of many talents, the Teen Mom star regularly does photoshoots, including a recent front page cover for L’Officiel Arabia.

In 2011, she began attending the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida, where she got an associate degree in culinary arts and management. She later launched the “Mom & Me” pasta sauce line.

Now, she is the richest member from the OG series, as reported by The Sun. She is also thought to have earned $1 million selling her s*x tape with James Deen. For her 31st, Farrah celebrated her birthday at a Hawaii beach resort!

She began selling poop slime

Farrah has been selling bottled ‘poop slime’ with her face on it, a controversial product which has got everyone talking. In February 2022, the Teen Mom alumni began offering the item on her personal website, which she shares with Sophia.

It comes after earlier reports by The Sun of the star sending unusual jars. At the beginning of January, the reality TV star announced that she was sending her “blessings” in “a lucky jar.”

In a deleted video, which resurfaced on a Teen Mom fan account, the TV personality explained how she did a “number one” while standing next to her toilet in the bathroom, adding that she would cover the top of a small jar and send it.

Since then, she has claimed that the entire thing was a joke and that she’s now selling poop slime. The item will set back buyers $9, with the option to pay in full or in four installments.

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Farrah cut off Teen Mom

Farrah shared a Tweet on February 9th which saw her announce she is officially cutting all ties to Teen MomShe went on to describe the show as having a “disgusting environment” and a “hate pit of ignorance”.

It came after she appeared on the Family Reunion spin-off. She warned future teen moms to “watch out” and said the environment of the series “has no ethics”, before adding that she doesn’t want anyone involved near her family.

The alumni then said that children “should not be around parents who lie and hate”, however it is not known who exactly she is referring to. Fans reacted to the announcement with some differing opinions.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “I haven’t watched this show in years and suddenly I’m in a time warp. Here we are in 2022 and Farrah’s yelling about quitting.

Many were left confused about Farrah’s sudden exit, as she officially left the show five years ago. However it appears that she has now cut any connection she had left to the series.

Reality Titbit has contacted MTV for comment.

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